The Deductionist

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Ennis asks, "Is that what you're terrified of?" Holmes: "That and clouds." Holmes warns Ennis that he'll attack him if he goes for the gun. He does go for the gun, but then he gets thoroughly walloped by the stick. Remember the stick? From the beginning of the episode?

Holmes comes out of the building (which is surrounded by police) and reminds Gregson that he texted him as soon as Drummond entered the building, so he shouldn't get in trouble for confronting the murderer himself. And he won't know if he learned anything for years.

Watson's place. Bruce is still working on the radiator. Watson says that in some shots, there was tape around the radiator and some there weren't. She concludes that Bruce was there during the whole shoot. Perhaps he was trying to evict her from her cushy rent-controlled apartment? He tries to deny it, but she already checked with the actors, and he was definitely complicit in the production of pornography. She wants Bruce and Cooper to pay for putting her stuff into storage until she finds a new place. Also $1200 for a new couch.

Out on the street, Holmes tells Watson that Drummond is still unconscious. She survived, huh? Good for her. And he got Watson a new spatula. And also a toothbrush, although he will not admit to anything specific he might have done to her toothbrush. They cab away across a bridge.

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