The Hound of the Cancer Cells

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The Wine in Front of Me
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We open in the police station, where Bell has a paint can shaker on his desk. The idea is that it's part of some ribbing he's been receiving for finishing his rehab for his hand shaking. It's not the best joke, but I respect the guys on the force for actually going to a hardware store to buy the equipment. Bell wants Watson to help him with a case, in which a drug dealer named Quame Martenz shot and killed someone. I would have spelled it "Kwame," but I'm trusting the closed-captioning on this. Take it up with them. He had a great witness named Nicole Watkins, but she vanished and will no longer will be a witness, so Bell thinks she was threatened and he'd like Holmes and Watson to find her. Watson takes the case, of course. Also, there's a party being thrown to welcome Bell back to the ranks of Detectives without career-threatening hand tremors, and that's going to turn into a thing later in the episode. So watch for that.

In a lab somewhere, a man walks in and says hello to a mouse named Sherman. If I worked in a lab, I would have trouble not giving names to the animals, which would then make me very sad. I don't think I should work in a lab, is what I'm saying. Then goes to his desk and takes something out of a duffel bag before going to take a shower in the bathroom. There's a bathroom with a shower right next to his desk? I may have to rethink my position on working in a lab. As he takes his shower, go blurry and he staggers a little. He calls out, "Who's there?" in a strangely high-pitched voice. He sees a patch on the ceiling and rubber tubes coming under the door. In his squeaky voice, he says, "Please stop. I don't want to die." Then he lies down on the floor and dies.

The police are on the scene, along with Holmes and Watson. Gregson gives the lowdown. The dead man is Dr. Barry Granger. Although we last saw him dead in the shower, he's now at his desk with a bag over his head and tubes going from the bag to an air tank. And there's a suicide note, in which he says "It's all true." Watson says it's a reasonable suicide technique, since labs sometimes have helium, and it replaces the oxygen in your lungs. But, as Holmes notes, it's probably not suicide, because why would Holmes and Watson even be involved? Gregson says there are sweaty running clothes in the bag and the shower is wet. Holmes goes to the bathroom (I mean he walks to the room called "the bathroom," not that he just pees all over the crime scene) and spots something at the bottom of the door. There's residue of tape sealing the door up. Watson brings him some powder, and it reveals the shadows left by the rubber tubes. Holmes agrees that Granger was murdered by helium being pumped through three hoses under the doorway: "He was dried, clothed, and staged."

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