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Mr. Greenstick

Holmes is listening to opera at 3:00 AM. Watson wants it turned down, but Holmes is basking. He explains that in the original heist, Vance Poulson was the inside man, Charles Briggs was the lock-picker, Carter Averill was the organizer/genius, and David Retz was the PhD in electrical engineering. So the in new team, Guthrie did Carter Averill's job. Alex Wilson was an electrical engineer. Jeremy Lopez, was the son of a locksmith. And the last person, Amelie Windompsky was a homemaker. But her maiden name was Batonvert, which makes her Greenstick's sister. Holmes concludes that these are the four people that hit the diamond exchange, which they should have gotten at least two scenes ago. Even without the coffee list, as soon as they had Jason's phone, they had the rest of the team.

At the police station, they've collected the original jury, minus Jason Guthrie (who we already know is dead) and Alex Wilson (who is missing). Holmes thinks the culprit is Jeremy Lopez, who has a facial injury.

Holmes gives a speech to the jury to tell them that four of them are criminals and one is a murderer. To determine who, it's a simple case of comparing their DNA with the blood spatter. They don't have to, but he appreciates their civic pride. But, he warns them, if you recently killed Guthrie, don't do it: "That would be folly." Jeremy hesitates, but does it. Gregson thanks them for their time. Gregson will have people watching Jeremy and Amelie.

Bell says he has a contact who saw Alex Wilson in New Jersey recently. Holmes thinks if Lopez isn't the murderer (because why would he give up his DNA so easily), Amelie doesn't look like she could throw a man out the window. So it's off to Alex Wilson's place! Where they should have gone anyway, because even if he's not the murderer, there's the diamond heist to worry about.

Outside Alex's place, there are flies and a smell. Holmes identifies the bugs as coffin flies. And they're on some cardboard. So beneath the cardboard there is of course a dead person. Bell says he's been dead at least two days. So he didn't kill Guthrie yesterday.

Back to the police station. The DNA from Guthrie's apartment matches Audrey Higuera, an army chaplain. And there's no connection to the jury as far as they know.

Outside Audrey Higuera's house, Holmes doesn't like the idea of this lady. She doesn't fit the story at all. She's also got a Habitat for Humanity sticker on her car. But her blood was in Guthrie's apartment, so they have to investigate. Watson smirks about eliminating the impossible, and Holmes says that sounds like something a windbag would say. Inside Higuera's house, Watson says the pictures on the mantel show her nursing her sister through cancer. Gregson gets a phone call and reports that she was deployed to Kabul a couple weeks ago. Suddenly Watson says Audrey is doing everything she can to help people with Leukemia. And a ribbon says that she's a bone marrow donor! Oh man, this sounds like the dumbest twist ever.

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