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Hack the Planet!

Television news shows Ezra Kleinfelter being arrested for the murder of Vanessa Hiskie. He confessed on the condition he wouldn't face capital punishment for espionage. The power's back on! Holmes tells Watson that the spies were all in safe houses and Everyone kind of lost interest in Kleinfelter. Watson's phone is back, and she needs to deal with cleaning up her online life. And she's going on a real date tonight.

Holmes sits alone by the fire and reads a letter that was written to him from Newgate Prison. It begins, "For a long while now I've suspected that connection with another person, real connection, simply isn't possible. I'm curious if you disagree, although I suspect you feel as I do in this, as you do in so many other things." Watson returns from her date, and Holmes observes that she had a good-night kiss. She says she thinks it's sad that he's given up, adding, "I shouldn't be the only one who knows you" She goes up to her room, and Holmes's voice continues to read the letter to us: "So tell me: is it possible to truly know another person. Is it even a worthwhile pursuit? Yours is the only opinion I'll trust." A female voice merges with Sherlock's. "The only point of view that holds even the faintest interest. I find my diversions as I always do but the days are long in this gray place." Now it's just the woman. "I dearly home you'll write soon. Ever yours, Jamie Moriarty." Upstairs, Watson types "The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes." Then she cuts it back to just "Sherlock Holmes."

Holmes folds up the letter. He does not throw it in the fire.

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