While You Were Sleeping

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The Case of the Unknown Twin

Still in the police station, Watson wants to know if Holmes can get home by himself. It's New York! There's a subway! And I know the makers of this show know that. It's weird. Holmes smugly knows that Watson is meeting a man she's had sex with because she's been careful not to use gendered pronouns when referring to him. And he knows she hasn't had sex recently because of what a study in Belgium said about her walk.

Now Watson is in a restaurant meeting her date. He wins cases for the DA, so you know he's "successful." He wants to know about her current assignment, but she won't talk about her work. He engages in some exposition, saying, "I know we're not together anymore, but..." It turns out that her parents contacted him to contact her, and he expresses their distress that she's no longer a surgeon. They would like him to ask why she's wasting her time being a Sober Companion. She answers, "I'm doing this because I'm actually good at it."

Back at the brownstone, Watson has made coffee, but won't carry it over to Holmes's outstretched cup. He observes that she didn't sleep with her ex. I guess I should add that he says it smugly, but that's kind of Jonny Lee Miller's default attitude on this show. Holmes is going through the autopsy pictures on his computer. He notes that the victim also had a clouding of the cornea. Watson wants to know why Holmes had told Gregson he was calling from Heathrow. The reason is that Gregson wouldn't let Holmes help if he knew he was an addict. That seems kind of obvious, doesn't it?

Bell calls Holmes. He's found the woman. She's at St. Isidore hospital. And now, Holmes and Watson are there, too! And they have the sketch from the sketch artist, which does indeed look exactly like this photo of a woman. Bell has a story about how an "old uni buddy" recognized her. And when he was shown the photo, the neighbor said there was no doubt about it. But here's the thing: she's in a coma! Yes, this woman (Yvette Ellison) tried to kill herself three days ago, and she's been in a coma ever since. Bell sneers at Holmes, "So thanks for the, uh 'consultation.' But I think I'll take it from here."

After Bell leaves, Holmes studies the comatose Yvette, Then he shouts, "YVETTE!" in her face on the grounds that she might be faking. Her deodorant matches the deodorant he smelled on the chair. He looks for something to stab her with. I think that test is going to be less effective when you talk about it in the room with her. Also, I think the show should try to avoid making itself too much like House. Watson tests for pseudo-coma in a more doctorly fashion, which means that she lifts Yvette's hand and lets it fall and hit her in the face. Holmes asks why that's more scientific, and I agree with him. Holmes glances through a book while Watson checks the coma machines and looks at Yvette's chart. Yvette's doctor enters and Holmes tells him that her coma is quite real. Then Holmes and Watson get out of there.

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