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The Case of the Unknown Twin

Bell comes in to report that Anna Webster reported a man following her, and the police got a picture. Holmes says there's no family resemblance. Gregson recognizes it anyway: it's "Mike," the private investigator. Everyone goes to Mike's office to shake him down. Mike claims he's never seen Anna Webster, but the police picture of him across the street says otherwise. He says he can't talk about it because "it's protected by privilege." Holmes drags Mike out into the hallway to tell him that he can tell he's on meth because he's lost weight and is twitchy. So Mike has to come across with the information or Holmes will reveal all this in front of the cops. Also, he recommends his rehab facility.

Mike puts a file on his desk and leaves.

Suddenly we're back at the Ellison Trust offices, still with Holmes, Watson, Bell and Gregson. Holmes bothers Rebecca Ellison (the fraternal twin from before) because she hired lawyers to investigate Casey and Anna after discovering they were her half-siblings. So the mystery father was really Charles Ellison. She looks confused at the accusation of double-murder and asks, "What do you mean, they're both dead?" Holmes explains that there's a will that didn't contain a clause to cut out the half-siblings, which gave her a motive. She says she didn't kill anyone. She was at home. Alone. Bell wants to take her back to the precinct. But first, Rebecca closes the door to her office. She says she and Yvette found out about Casey and Anna, just before their father died. That's why she wanted to investigate them. But then Yvette went into a tailspin. She started seeing a married man, started drinking, and tried to kill herself. But Holmes thinks that suicide attempt might really have been attempted murder. Rebecca slaps him. Holmes asks why she disguised herself as Yvette. Why? What's the point of framing a woman in a coma?" Rebecca answers, "You're insane." Then she's taken away.

Hey, I was just wondering. Why does a woman in a coma need deodorant? They give the patients sponge baths, don't they?

Outside, Holmes explains to Watson that a left-handed slap hurts more. One cheek is "leathery from slaps" and the other is like a baby's bottom. I like the backstory that Holmes gets slapped a lot. I just bet he does. When they get to the brownstone, Ty is there! He thinks he was invited to a dinner party, but Holmes did it with Watson's phone. Ty demands to know who Holmes is and mistakes him for a boyfriend. This is weird, because he knows that Watson is a Sober Companion with a new client. It's possible he assumes that her clients are always women, but it still seems pretty obvious who the erratic weirdo is, you know?

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