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Eli: Dragonlawyer of the Firm
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Eli drags his irritated super all over his apartment, insisting that he smells a "gaseous-like substance." The super gripes that he's been standing there for the last forty-five minutes, listening to Eli sniff. Eli ignores this and goes all oenophile as he describes the smell as "like smoke but there's, like, a fishy quality to it." (What the hell us up with Word's spellcheck not thinking "oenophile" is a word?) The super smells nothing. Eli leads the way to his bedroom, opens his closet door and hears growling. The super does not hear the growling. While the super exclaims over Eli's linen blazer, Eli parts his clothes and sees a dragon. The super does not see a dragon. The dragon spews fire, Eli screams, and runs out, tackling his super to safety. OK, Eli? There are ways to tell when you're having a vision. Your boss singing and dancing? Vision. A dragon in your closet? Vision. Now, when you get these subtle little tips of unreality, it might be a good idea to stop and say to yourself, "OK, there's a dragon in my closet. I think it's a vision, so I'm going to just act normal in front of other people and deal with it later." The super is even more irritated than before the body slam and stomps out, swearing never to unclog Eli's toilet again.

When Patti brings Eli coffee and messages the next morning, Eli comments that Taylor might get a bit annoyed by her attentions. "I'd like to see her try and say something to me!" Patti carps. OK, but why, Patti? Really, why? All of Eli's messages are from the same guy, Peter Johnson, who is going a bit overboard with reconfirming their lunch meeting that day. Eli is in the midst of complaining about the scut work everyone's making him do when Dowd comes over. He tells Eli he's sorry about "the whole aneurysm thing" and then hands Eli more scut work to do, winking condescendingly, "Thanks buddy."

Back at Patti's desk, Taylor's still trying the nice route when dealing with Patti. However, she had yet another call go straight to voicemail and she also needs to know when her meetings are. "You mean like the Wednesday morning meeting that's going on right now? So, hurry on -- don't be late," Patti sneers. Taylor squares her shoulders and tries not to explode.

In the meeting, Jordan drops the name "Arvin Salinkski" and suddenly everyone gets all E.F. Hutton attentive. (Love the Alias shout out, by the way.) Jordan eyes Eli and says that due to extenuating circumstances, they need a new senior lawyer on the case. Maggie makes a big show of moving away from Eli and putting some rando lawyer between them. Whatever, Mags, no one cares where you stand. Off-camera would be ideal. Jordan tells the lawyers to all become experts on the case and one of them will get to senior it though. Jordan asks for an update on the Turk case and instead of new info, we just get reminded about what the case is all about. Meanwhile, Eli is distracted by dragon shadows flying around the room. (Vision, Eli, VISION!) Jordan's instructions to Dowd and Bennett are drowned out by the vibrations the flying dragon is causing. (Eli, no one else is reacting to this, you shouldn't either!) Too late, Eli screams "Holy mother of GOD!" and does a full-body flying leap across the room, flopping on the floor. Everyone stares. Eli jumps up and makes a time-out sign with his hands, "I'm sorry, aneurysm time-out." I wonder how many times he can get away with that. If he ever cheats on Taylor, can he claim, "Aneurysm moment!"?

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