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Maggie and Eli return to the office, apparently not having spoken the whole way back because Maggie bids Eli adieu by fast-talking, "I have to go kill myself, goodbye!" Don't let me stop you. Eli tries to say something about it only being weird if they do something, but Maggie minces quickly off, and Patti emerges to say, "If this is how she reacts when she wins a case, I do not want to be here when she loses." Eli doesn't even try to explain Maggie's compendium of issues and Patti observes that even if she cared, her boss wouldn't approve of her wasting her time. "Speaking of which, have you seen Miss Weathersby?" Patti asks. "Miss Weathersby?" Eli repeats, amused. "Yes," Patti bites out and then says that Jordan wants to see Eli and his daughter in his office. "And the day stared off so well," Eli groans. "Life is full of disappointment, Eli," Patti dramas. Eli finally asks what winter of discontent blew up Patti's ass. Patti explains, "It's no fun any more." "Well, I guess that's why they call it work," Eli shrugs. "Never used to feel like it," Patti says pointedly. Eli is about to say something but gets interrupted as Patti takes a call, making sure to ask if she can take a message. Patti nods Eli off, and he leaves.

Ugh, back to the Turk case. Turk is incredulous that his lawyers want him to plead temporary insanity. "It's still a not-guilty plea," Bennett points out. "Yeah, not guilty 'cause I'm crazy, whatever happened to not guilty because I'm. Not. Guilty?" Turk demands. Is this going to turn into some massively intricate whodunit where it will come out that Turk was framed for the coach's murder? Because I can bring myself to give a shit if they drop a little Agatha Christie or Ngaio Marsh on us. Bennett points out that Turk's wife "happened." "I thought wives couldn't testify against their husbands," Turk points out. Bennett retorts that he can't believe that's all Turk has to say. Well, Turk demands, what the hell does he want him to say? "Uh, 'She couldn't possibly have anything to tell the DA.' 'I never threatened that man,' something like that would be nice," Bennett snaps. Turk says, "The dude was screwing my wife. Of course I threatened him. That doesn't mean I killed him." Dowd finally says, "But that's the way it looks, Jayson." Turk doesn't care how it looks and turns away like he's going to stomp all out of there. Dowd points out that they're not his entourage, "You pay us to tell you want you need to hear, not what you want to." Bennett, sensing a reasonable moment, presses that their plea would work since the law says he's not guilty if he was not in his right mind, "Steroids tend to have that effect." Turk turns around angrily, "I told you, I don't do that crap." Bennett ignores this and says that if Turk admits to the steroid use, they can protect him on the murder charge. Turk glares at Bennett and walks around him to ask Dowd if he agrees with his co-counsel. Dowd shakes his head about how he's Turk's biggest fan and can actually chart his major life's successes against Turk's, however, he adds, "I'm not so sure you weren't aiming for your coach." Turk says that if he says he's on the juice, that's the end of his entire career, "My sponsors, the Hall of Fameā€¦" "We're talking about your life, here," Dowd points out. "Baseball IS my life," Turk informs him angrily. After a pause, Turk says he'll think about it and walks out.

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