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Eli: Dragonlawyer of the Firm
Up in his office, Jordan tells Eli he's not fooling anyone, "Even thought Miss Decker was the attorney of record, courthouse insiders have already been able to figure out who truly deserves the credit for this afternoon's victory in the St. Vincent's case." Have those same courthouse insiders been able to figure out that Maggie wants Eli in the worst way? Eli aw-shucks that he didn't do anything special. Jordan interrupts that nothing has changed between them and he only mentions the courthouse tittle-tattle because their Rambaldian client, Arvin Salinski, heard about it and now wants Eli on his case. Eli insists he's not needed and that Taylor is a much better choice. Jordan agrees and says he tried hard to convince Salinski of that, but the man is intractable. "Regardless of what he wants, it would be malpractice to entrust the case solely to you," Jordan continues, "Taylor, you'll stay on as co-counsel." Both Taylor and Eli bleat, "What?!" Jordan raises his hands in a simmer-down movement and says he knows the timing isn't ideal. Eli blithers that Jordan has to tell Salinski that he's not available, "Tell him I got hit by a bus!" "Even if I got to drive it, I couldn't do that. The firm can't afford to lose Salinski." Eli continues to protest, but Jordan says that no matter what, Eli's on the case. He asks what Eli wants out of it. Eli is confused. "Some of your privileges back? Your expense account? Your company car? Your old office?" Jordan fishes. Eli says, "I don't want my office back, you have the right person in there." Taylor is agog with pleasure. "All I want is four walls and a door," Eli says, "No more cubicles." "Done," Jordan announces. "And one more thing," Eli adds.

Next scene has Patti answering a phone in a noisy secretary bank, saying, "Eli Stone's office, please hold." Peter walks in, and Patti greets him with an unruffled, "Hello, sweetie." Peter says he's there to see Eli, so Patti leads him into Eli's new office, the law library. Eli is pleased to see Peter and shakes his hand. "Nice office," Peter says, "It's…unorthodox." Eli jokes that it goes with his practice and asks what he can do for Peter. "The cafeteria took French fries off the menu, so I'm thinking about suing," Peter jokes. Actually, he was looking for a way to thank Eli and the check hasn't cleared yet, so he brought him something else. He pulls an old book out of his backpack and says that his mother used to read it to him when he was little. "I know it's weird, giving you a book, but it means a lot to me," Peter says. Eli picks up the book. It's a book of medieval tales and adventures with a knight fighting a dragon on the cover. Eli smiles and says gently, "Peter, this is the biggest fee I ever got." "Wait until the two million dollar check clears," Peter half-laughs. Wait, the damages were for eight million and the hospital got half, leaving Peter with four million. Don't tell me Eli's fee is two million? Peter gets up and shakes Eli's hand, thanking him again.

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