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Anyway, in a judge's chambers that appears to be existing within SF's city hall, Bennett and Sweren argue over whether the DVD should be excluded from the case. The judge cuts through the bullshit by asking Sweren, "You pin your case on anonymously sourced video -- did you really imagine there wouldn't be a motion to exclude?" Meanwhile, the judge hasn't granted anything because she hasn't heard Bennett and Dowd's argument. She does so now. Dowd plays the DVD saying, "Evidence is only admissible if it's more reliable than prejudicial. And here it's not reliable because it's digital." The DVD plays and we see Turk aim and hit the water jug on the foul line again. However, this time, when Turk turns around to face the camera, he's wearing Sweren's face. Sweren complains that it's a stunt, something the judge agrees with, adding, "But it's a good one." The judge rules that without the author of the video, she can't allow it and grants Bennett and Dowd's motion to exclude.

Eli's case. The Chief Administrator of St. Vincent's hospital takes the stand and submits to Maggie's questioning. Of course, Maggie doesn't really know what she's doing and requires hand prompts from Eli to tell her what to do. We learn that the Chief Administrator gave Dr. Agon a glowing recommendation, calling his record "unassailable," and that Cypress Memorial heard nothing of the three deaths involving Dr. Agon because the anesthesiologist was cleared of all charges at St. Vincent's Morbidity and Mortality conference. Maggie asks for the transcripts to the M and M conference, but the lawyer for St. Vincent's reminds everyone that under Evidence Code 1157, peer review transcripts are inadmissible. Maggie then taunts the Chief Admin that three deaths in two months can't be anything other than unlucky, and the Chief Admin gets irritated that she's sullying Agon's reputation. "You mean, attacking his record?" Maggie clarifies, looking immensely proud of herself. "Yes!" the Chief Admin agrees. "Well, if I'm doing that, it's not exactly unassailable, is it?" Maggie asks, stumping the Chief Admin. This pleases Maggie greatly and she walks back to her seat barely able to keep her bra from bursting with pride. Eli looks quietly pleased. I don't get it.

Back at the office, Maggie demands, "How awesome was I today?" Eli tells her she was "awesomely awesome." Calm down, she's no Hawkins. Maggie burbles proudly on that she was inside Eli's head -- maybe THAT'S his problem! Forget aneurysms, he's got a Maggie tumor! -- and she made up a song about first chairing. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! Thank god Eli doesn't want to hear it, "probably ever," so neither do we. Eli gives Maggie more tips for the next day and in the middle of all this, Maggie gazes soulfully into his eyes and apologizes for how she reacted to his aneurysm. Eli thanks her and asks uncomfortably what this has to do with their case. "You really care about it," Maggie explains, still being way too shiny and happy for the contents of my stomach, "Not just about winning, you care about winning it for Peter. You're right: you're an object of ridicule, a professional pariah reduced to barely practicing law." Again, Eli thanks her. Maggie shrugs, saying she realizes, "If you're sucking up to God, there are better ways." Eli says that he and God have a "complicated" relationship but at least he's starting to believe in what He wants him to do, "It's like I see things now, you know? Things that were always there but that I just never noticed before." Maggie's gazing at him, thinking, "Like me!" but she says, "Like people who need help?" Yeah, that's still you. Eli nods and adds teasingly, "Including high-anxiety, borderline competent junior associates." "Borderline competent" is still borderline incompetent. "Well," Maggie says, adopting a bedroom voice, "At least I'm borderline now." Eli's phone rings, interrupting what was getting to be a very nauseating scene. It's Taylor, and she has a surprise for him, so she was hoping he'd be free tomorrow night. Maggie hears Eli say, "Tomorrow night -- looking forward to it!" and gets all chagrined.

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