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At a dinner theatre, Eli tells Taylor he's glad she called because he loves surprises. "At three thousand dollars a ticket you better," Taylor brags. You know what? I don't particularly like any of the women in this show. I feel sorry for Taylor, but I don't really like her, I can't stand Maggie, and I'm totally confused to the point of annoyance by Patti. That sort of blows, you know? Eli chokes on the price tag and asks, "Is Jimmy Hendrix playing?" Yeah…they reanimated his corpse, sent it to rehab, and are propping him up on stage -- all for three thousand dollars. Taylor tells Eli the money is for charity, and that her career took an upturn today, so she can afford it. She's just dying to brag some more, isn't she? "What kind of upturn?" Eli can't help but ask. Taylor does that teeth grit-bottom lip flare thing, as if she's hesitant to tell him -- which she isn't -- and says she got the Salinski case. I wonder when the other lawyers are going to start rioting over Jordan's continued and obvious nepotism. Eli insists that he couldn't be happier for her, and for some reason that lets all the air out of Taylor's brag balloon. Eli notes this, saying, "You seem disappointed that I'm not disappointed." Seriously, and what does that say about her? Taylor says that she's just surprised and confused, "I was prepared for disappointed or jealous or even angry, but 'couldn't be happier' kind of throws me a little." Eli doesn't know why it should. Taylor explains, "I guess it wasn't that long ago when you would've been upset." I think she's the one who's upset -- 'surprised and confused,' feh! -- because her ex-fiancé is not the jealous angerball he once was. Eli shrugs that he's in a different place in his life now, and again, this news seems to bother Taylor. She tosses her hair and clarifies, "Different place from me." They stare mistily at each other as the lights go down. Taylor begins to clap half-heartedly. George Michael strolls across the stage, looking a bit too Bono-y in those weird sunglasses. As everyone cheers and claps around him, Eli -- once again unable to determine from the actions of those around him the difference between reality and visionality -- groans, "Oh, not now, please!" Taylor looks at him in surprise, though she can't be too surprised since the reason why she brought him was because of his George Michael visions. And speaking of that, did anyone else find it sort of a mean-ish joke to spring this on him? I don't know, something about him having an aneurysm that could drop him at any moment would keep me from waging any sort of shock and awe campaign on Eli. But that's just me. Taylor just smiles and waits for Eli to figure it out himself. As Eli drops his head in frustration, George Michael takes the mike and thanks them all for coming before launching into "Older." And of course, the lyrics are all Appropriate Jones with the whole "something good has happened to me" and "I'm letting go/you'll be fine" and "I'm not the man you want." This is about where Eli finally clues in and turns to Taylor with a big smile. He laughs, "This is incredible!" Taylor nods and says with a catch in her voice, "Full circle." They look mistily at each other again and then settle back to listen to the music. An extra behind Taylor is swaying a bit too much, but Taylor, man, Taylor does some slight chair dancing with a really sour and skeptical look on her face. Maybe she's noticing, like me, that George Michael needs to shave off the stubble because with the cold, bluish light and the grey suit, he looks very monochromatic. I know we're all getting old, George, but there's no reason to look like you're suffering from dioxin poisoning.

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