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St. Vincent's Chief Admin is called back to the stand. First, Maggie clarifies that Dr. Agon resigned and wasn't fired from St. Vincent's, and then she goes on to mention the last patient Dr. Agon killed at St. Vincent's. Chief Admin reminds her that Agon didn't kill anyone, he was cleared of all malfeasance. "At your hospital's Morbidity and Mortality conference," Maggie provides helpfully, "Specifically the one held August 11, 2006?" The St. Vincent lawyer objects and says that what goes on in the conference is privileged. Maggie raises her hands innocently and points out that she hasn't asked any questions about the content of the proceedings. The judge overrules the objection, but warns Maggie to be careful. Maggie asks if notes were taken at the August 11th conference and walks over to Eli who prominently hands her a folder with St. Vincent's logo on it. Chief Admin takes a deep breath and admits there's a stenographer present. "And don't those notes reflect testimony establishing," Maggie looks down at the open folder in her hands, "Significant negligence on the part of Dr. Agon? Did his nurse describe him as a 'lawsuit in scrubs'?" Chief Admin blusters that those notes are privileged. "Is that a yes?" Maggie demands. St. Vincent's lawyer objects again and says the transcripts haven't been introduced to the defense. "I haven't introduced any transcripts. Yet," Maggie grandstands. Oddly, the judge overrules the objection again. Wait, but isn't asking about the actual proceedings at the M and M still privileged whether she has the transcripts or not? I'm so confused by how this works out. "Was there significant negligence?" Maggie repeats. Chief Admin admits that there was. "And one last thing, if Dr. Agon hadn't resigned, you were going to fire him, correct?" Maggie finishes. Chief Admin admits that he was. "That might be something his next employer deserved to know," Maggie finalizes, ostentatiously folding the folder back and showing it to be empty, "Don't you think?"

The lawyers discuss a settlement. St. Vincent offers $500,000, an exchange of releases, and a confidentiality agreement. Maggie boggles at this happily, but Eli clears his throat to correct her, and she changes her tune to say it's insulted, she's insulted, and she's advising her clients to be insulted. The Chief Admin offers $1.1 million and says he doesn't have board authorization to go any higher. Maggie looks cautiously over at Eli, who puts his thumb up. Maggie says they're going to have to go higher. I would have taken that as an OK to accept the offer, but then I'm not a Maggie tumor in Eli's head. The lawyer finally offers $1.5 million. Okay, but the dude said he wasn't authorized to go higher, so…? "Take it or leave it," the lawyer says. Maggie, not even looking at Eli, is on the point of rejecting it when Eli coughs, so she agrees to it. Peter speaks up, saying, "It's not enough." Eli asks to have some time with his client. After St. Vincent clears out, Peter crosses his arm and paces, "You promised -- this isn't justice." When Eli points out that $1.5 million is a whole lotta justice, Peter argues that Eli was right in saying that money won't bring his mother back, "I want someone to say that what they did was wrong." Eli can't promise him that and says he doesn't know what the jury will do. Peter needs to find out. Eli looks over at Maggie and the Chief Admin of Cypress and neither of them seem to have any objections, so Eli agrees that's what they'll do.

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