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Jordan comes in to see Eli and asks if everything's ready for that night -- "insurance, security, lighting rentals?" Eli says yes, thanks to their insanely large client roster. Jordan lingers, so Eli asks if there's something he can help him with, and Jordan eventually gets to the point -- working on the case made him feel something, and he now sees why Eli has been taking the kind of cases he has. Eli points out that Jordan also got to meet George. Jordan: "You don't think he noticed, do you?" Eli diplomatically offers that it was "barely obvious," so I guess they've all decided not to discuss that one time where George slipped on Jordan's drool. Jordan reminisces warmly that he discovered George's music back in the early years of the firm -- he was stuck on "this hellacious document production" for three weeks, and he would stay so late that it was just him and the cleaning crew, one of whom had a boom box on which he would play only George Michael songs. "Most nights that music was the only thing that kept me going." Aw. He goes on that he still associates it with his better days, "and now, as I enter the waning side of my life, losing everything..." "...is like the sun going down on me," Eli supplies. Insulin! Jordan sincerely thanks Eli and shakes his hand, saying it's the best week he's had in a long time. The sadness and regret with which Garber tinges those words doubles the resonance of the scene. The man is good. He leaves, and is quickly replaced by Nate, who starts to apologize until Eli cuts him off, saying he didn't do anything wrong. Nate asks if things are going to be weird between them, but Eli says no -- Nate's his brother, and he loves him no matter what. Nate offers his opinion that the doctor they saw is the guy -- "and I'm stickin' around to make sure he's the right choice." I hope that means you'll be around for more episodes, then. I know how Eli feels with the abandonment!

So George is playing an outdoor benefit concert at the high school, and before he goes on, he and Eli chat a bit about doing what you can to make a difference. George offers Eli some advice -- he's had some tough times in his life, and if there's anything he's learned, it's that no matter what, "you just have to keep going." He asks if Eli knows what he means, and Eli says he thinks he does. This seems like a moment where George is sort of acknowledging the guiding role he's playing in Eli's life, which is interesting. Anyway, Jordan (hee hee hee) totally introduces George, and then claps along so adorably I can't even stand it as George starts singing "Amazing." I carelessly misidentified it as "Fastlove" in the recaplet (for which I should get my card revoked) and you know what? I didn't get a single email about it. You guys? I'm scared.

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