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In the lobby, Jordan is uncharacteristically babbling, and the reason becomes clear when George appears from the elevator. You see, Jordan's chin almost literally hits the floor when he meets George in person. I said this in the recaplet, but HA! He barely manages to croak the words "Mr. Michael," and when George easily tells him to call him by his first name, Jordan's face breaks into this tentative smile that makes it look like he's just seen the face of God. Hee hee. Victor Garber is just sublime in so many ways, I can't even tell you. Not that I'm guessing acting like a George Michael fanboy is seriously taxing his acting skills.

Scott enters a meeting room, and CCJ tells him it's good to see him again as Matt and Taylor watch nervously. Their apprehension turns out to be well-founded, as Scott tells them he doesn't care about the money they're offering, and explains that when the doctor told him about the specifics of the procedure, he had second thoughts, and besides, it's not like he even knows his father. He recalls that at one point in his life, he sent his dad stuff like letters and report cards, and asks what he did with them. CCJ answers by non-answering that he didn't think he should make a promise regarding a relationship on which he couldn't deliver. Scott: "Well, I guess I can't deliver now." He leaves, and his lawyer unnecessarily notes that he doesn't think they'll be settling. I'd tell him to shut up, but since he's totally Jack from Brothers And Sisters, I can't. I love a good drunk!

Cut to Molly telling George that he's a dead ringer for George Michael. Hee. When George smoothly explains what he's doing there, though, she calls her mom, who's almost as drooly to see him as Jordan was. She takes him aside (offering him "a pint of bitters," heh) as Eli takes Jordan's arm and notes that he's really quiet and asks if he's okay. Jordan: "I feel fine. Don't ever touch me again." Yup, sounds like he's back to normal. Everyone sits down inside, and Molly's thrilled to hear that George read about her. Eli asks for her account of what happened at school, and Molly tells everyone that there was an "Abstinence Only" assembly. "Twice a semester, some expert in never ever having sex tells us all about it." There's a Dorothy Zbornak joke in there, I just know it. Molly goes on that after two years of this crap, she decided to take a stand by sneaking into the principal's office and playing "I Want Your Sex" over the P.A. How very Kids In America of her. (I suppose that's not surprising, since Gregory Smith was the star there.) Jordan turns to George and explains that the challenge will be circumventing a Supreme Court decision that limits the right to free speech on school grounds. He punctuates this with the most amazing ingratiating smile, I just cannot even tell you. Martin Posner would be watching this scene not knowing whether to laugh or cringe. Molly asks if she could lose, and Jordan tells her it's a possibility, but -- wait for it -- "you gotta have faith." He looks adoringly at George again, who receives Jordan's sloppy admiration with aplomb. Which is more than I can say for myself -- I'm giggling so much I think I might be scaring my neighbors. Eli's phone rings, and he scoots outside to take it.

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