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It's Nate, who tells him that his efforts to get Eli an appointment with that one great neurosurgeon were successful, causing Eli to look confused. Don't worry, Eli, George Michael has that effect on a lot of people. Just look at Mr. Jordan Michael over there.

In Nate's office, the doctor is telling him and Eli that it's a risk, but he can burn the aneurysm out. And hey, given that Berlanti is so prone to reusing actors on different shows, am I the only one who's a little bummed that Andy Brown isn't Eli's prospective neurosurgeon? Nate thanks the doc, who takes off, and then Nate enthuses that Eli could be having the surgery in a couple of weeks. Eli uncertainly wonders if this is the guy, but Nate tells him that he can't make that choice for him. Eli tells him about George Michael showing up for real, and you'd think Nate the skeptic would at least raise an eyebrow at that, but he doesn't, leaving Eli free to go on about running into Beth. Nate's all, "Beth...Keller?" which is about as convincing as Jordan's "George...Michael?" Eli says he might call Beth for a date, and Nate stutters a bit but simply tells Eli to be careful. Dude, I know this is awkward, but come on.

Scott is on the stand talking about how when he was a kid, he figured it was his fault that his dad didn't want to know him, and now he only has the chance for a relationship with him if he gives up his bone marrow. "What kind of relationship could we stand to have with those strings attached?" Presumably better than the one you'll have with him if he dies, although people do tend to give touching graveside speeches to their dead parents on television. Taylor then asks Scott why he even bothered getting tested if he never intended to go through with the procedure -- is it because maybe he has an obligation to his father? Scott considers and says he wanted to see if he could save CCJ's life, "so I could tell you to go choke on it." So, "no," then.

Molly is saying that she knew she'd get in trouble for her stunt, but she didn't think she'd be expelled. Eli reads from a booklet saying that the principal has the right to expel anyone who materially disrupts the learning of other students or the education process, but Molly counters that at Abstinence Only, what they were hearing -- that condoms don't work and that girls who have abortions are more prone to suicide -- didn't qualify as learning. She adds that because of the misconceptions taught, girls in Abstinence Only programs are less likely to use contraception, earning an objection from the opposing counsel. "Are we to accept Miss Foster as an expert witness?" Wait, a what, now? I've been watching this show from the beginning, and I'm pretty sure "expert witness" is a made-up term. Jordan, however, stands and says that Molly's knowledge speaks to the merit "of the very pedagogy Miss Foster's protest was taking issue with!" Well, if someone as smart as Jordan can end sentences with prepositions, I could care less if anyone else does it. The judge cautions Molly to discuss only her direct experiences, so Eli asks her how the school's policy has affected her. Molly says her lab partner got pregnant, and then a friend of hers got throat gonorrhea, so she decided she had to do something. Eli: "Thank you, Molly. Very descriptive." Hee. The opposing counsel gets up, and after some back-and-forth in which Jordan is as deliciously high-handed as ever, the attorney asks if Molly couldn't have picked a less disruptive way of making her point. Molly admits that she wanted to expose the hypocrisy by shaking things up, and the attorney is satisfied...

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