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Post-date, Nate lets Eli in, who shakes his head at him in disgust before launching into a well-enough-deserved tirade. Nate protests that he was going to tell Eli, but they had just come from the doctor and Eli had so much to think about, so he didn't want to add to that. This, however, isn't the real issue for Eli -- he feels bad about how he's pushed so many people away lately, but he never thought that he'd push his own brother away as well. Nate denies that that's true, but Eli points out that Nate's been dating Beth for two whole months and hasn't even mentioned it. "You call all the doctors, you make all the appointments, but you don't want to go anywhere near this decision, because you're afraid of how you're gonna feel if it doesn't work!" He adds that he needs his big brother now more than ever, but if this is Nate's idea of helping him, he can just shove it. He leaves, despite Nate's entreaties that he wait. Not that Eli doesn't have a point, but surely the statute of limitations on the goodwill from Nate risking his medical license hasn't run out quite yet, right?

In the morning, Matt's lying shirtless and asleep as Taylor tries to retrieve her jacket from under Matt's cat. Honey, leave it behind. At least it's not your arm. Also, Matt has a cat? That seems so uncharacteristic. Not so much the cat itself -- I just figured Matt as the type that would use walking his dog to meet women. (Maybe in San Francisco, that backfired on him one too many times.) Anyway, Matt sits up and tells her to pet the cat -- "Sonny Bono loves to be touched." I'm assuming we're still talking about the cat. Taylor does register the oddity, but she's too busy getting dressed to dwell on it, and Matt comments on her extreme haste, which she denies, saying she's just got court. Matt: "I know. With me." He punctuates that with a little smile, which HEE, and Taylor can only insincerely return the favor. If Matt weren't completely heterosexual and also didn't have a cat named Sonny Bono, we could have a real future together.

Taylor and Matt have cleaned themselves up from their carnal evening, and the judge gives her verdict -- while she's disturbed by Scott's intransigence in this matter, there's no legal precedent to force him to give up his marrow, so she's denying CCJ's petition. Scott leaves despite CCJ's attempt to talk to him.

Jordan asks George what inspired "I Want Your Sex" -- "a song, by the way, which rose to Number One on the world charts, a song that helped you win a Grammy for Best Album Of The Year." Hee. The defense attorney and Principal Neelix look at each other like, "Is this guy actually for real?" Yes, and we wouldn't have him any other way. George says that he was in a relationship that inspired the song, and like most of his work, it was autobiographical. He goes on that the song isn't meant to encourage promiscuity, which I'll note that he's been saying for twenty years, so it's not like the show is taking license here. He says that he applauds the song being used to protest an abstinence-only Sex Ed program, since when he wrote it, the world was in Year Six of the AIDS crisis, which Ronald Reagan didn't even publicly address until there were over 21,000 people dead. "And what the government is doing right now -- funding Federal programs that tell children that condoms don't work -- is killing people all over again."

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