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Matt is, seemingly reasonably, making the case that the whole egg-from-one-woman-in-another is a bit of a grey area as far as the law is concerned, and they're thus asking for joint custody. Donna's lawyer is a totally smug stereotype, and she tells them that in the absence of a surrogacy agreement, Donna has all the parental rights, including protecting the kid from any harmful influences. Wow, I'm pretty impressed with Donna here. Sure, she may have the appearance of a nearly-catatonic dementia sufferer, but it can't have been easy to dig up a female Bay Area lawyer who's quite this thrilled about putting a lesbian in her place.

Matt tells Taylor, "I need your breasts." After the obligatory decrying of sexual harassment, Matt says "chick" about sixty times before making the point that he could really use a woman up there with him. He gives the quick-and-dirty version of the case, and Taylor amusedly asks if his ex is really a lesbian. Matt: "Who isn't these days?" Let me guess: Not much luck on the dating scene lately? Matt tells her that this case is right in her family-law wheelhouse, and besides, it'll annoy Eli if they work together. That doesn't seem to be a huge selling point for Taylor, but she agrees to hear the particulars.

Close-up on a TV showing an image of a flaming, overturned SUV. Powell lugubriously tells the jury how one life can change in an instant and blah. It's then Eli's turn, and he cues up his tape...which is of Bea Arthur in the pilot episode of The Golden Girls. HA! Coco, wherefore art thou now? Seriously, I'm not the most stereotypical gay man, but I do have an enormous Golden Girls obsession, so wheeee! Eli smiles to the jury that it was a great show, but they're probably wondering what it has to do with the case. "About as much as the footage Mr. Powell just showed you." If that's true, I hope that footage was incredibly relevant. But no, we weren't seeing Adam Mitchell's car, which didn't catch fire, by the way. "That was just a stunt to make you angry at my client." Martin looks pleased, but just then, a piano kicks in, and Eli turns his head to see that a gospel choir has replaced the jury. They break into a kicking rendition of "One More Try," and people in the audience, including Maggie and Martin, start swaying to the music. Most people end up getting to their feet, and Martin is particularly awesome, holding his hands up in a "Praise be!" gesture, and I've said before that he was the best thing about Everwood, but this is making me want to go watch a Patch Abbott marathon. Anyway...

...the vision breaks, and suddenly Eli is just dancing and humming in front of the bemused courtroom occupants. Martin does not look quite as happy now, in case you were wondering. The judge bellows at Eli, snapping him out of it, and after a long look around, he offers, "Nothing further." Heh.

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