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I'm Lookin' Out For Angels...

...and then he's out on the beach again. He walks into the water and asks a surfer where he is, and gets a "Hawaii, bra!" in response. Oh, surfer talk. A huge wave then crests over Eli...

...and then he's lying on the floor with a worried Taylor, Patti, and some randoms over him. Apparently someone got him out of the bathroom and back to Patti's desk, and I'm no EMT just like I'm no lawyer, but dragging someone who just collapsed halfway across the office doesn't seem like the indicated play. Taylor goes to call Nate, but Matt Letscher is sadly on vacation this week, so Eli has to grab Taylor and beg her not to. Taylor points out the difficulty of covering this up, given that fifty or so people saw him unconscious. Eli: "I say I've been doing a cleanse and I got lightheaded." I'll have to remember that one. He tells her what he saw, and then sheepishly offers that at least his visions aren't her problem anymore. She, of course, tells him that she wants him to be her problem, and he responds by asking her if she joined the firm because of him. Taylor, as usual, doesn't back down: "You make it sound pathetic. I don't think it's pathetic to fight for something that's important to you. Something that's the most important." I've seen people fighting for things that were pretty pathetic, but the novelty of hate mail wore off a while ago so I'm not going to mention names here. She says she's going to be there every day until he gives them -- "One more try," he finishes. He stammers that if she's free the next night, he'd like to talk things out over dinner, and she smiles and accepts his invitation before leaving. Watch out for Patti and that purple folder!

So the attorneys in the "How Many Mommies Do I Have Again?" case are heading into the judge's chambers, with Matt and Taylor protesting about some waiver that's just surfaced. Yes, apparently Jess signed a paper giving away all parental rights to any child resulting from her egg donation. I guess the show is telling us that Jess signed it without reading it or understanding what it meant, but that seems awfully lame to me, even if it is normal procedure for this sort of thing. The judge gets an "open and shut" look on her face...

...and then a desperate Jess is asking if visitation will at least be possible, but of course the answer is no, and Matt huskily tells her that she should start preparing herself for the possibility that she won't be part of the baby's life. Jess, heartbroken, leans on his shoulder, but he tells her she has other options -- "You could have another baby, with someone who loves you. I could just donate some of my boys...heck, if you want, I could even do it the old-fashioned way." Not a sentence I'd normally "aw" at, but I think this is about as sensitive as Matt gets. Jess smiles through her tears and tells him how sweet he is under his fratty exterior, but she wants the baby she made with the woman she loves. Matt looks a little bummed, which is a nice touch too. Good episode for Sam Jaeger here. He recovers to smile and say, "Right."

Cory is now on the stand, talking about how she gave up her career when she realized that Adam would need round-the-clock care, although she makes it sound like that's still true, which from what we've seen of Adam doesn't appear to be the case at all. Also, I have to tell you, I'm doubting Powell's legal acumen if this is the best he can do. Where's the, you know, case against the company? Anything to do with, you know, the car? Eli gets up and announces that phone records show that after Adam left the bar, she tried him seven times in a twelve-minute period, and points out that that's indicative of their having had more than just a simple fight. The judge overrules an objection from Powell, so Eli presses on and asks why, if he wasn't that drunk and the fight wasn't a big deal, it was so urgent that she get in touch with him. She admits that he was angry and he was on the road in darkness, and -- "He'd had too much to drink?" Eli supplies. Cory admits that that's possible, and Eli looks immediately regretful. But Eli is actually arguing his case, you know? He's providing a logical explanation for the events of the evening beyond the car being defective. What evidence is Powell bringing to the table?

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