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Back at the office, Maggie takes far too many words to cheerily tell Eli that she's tracked down Stanley Lime...kind of. What she's actually discovered, through a call to an HR person at Zyer, is the identity of the person Lime met with right before he disappeared, and would Eli like to know who it was? Eli: "Martin Posner." If I were Maggie, I'd be hella pissed that I spent countless hours unearthing information of which Eli was already aware. But I'm not, so HA! Maggie asks why Eli didn't do something at the time, but Eli points out that it would have been illogical to try to convince Posner to produce a witness he obviously went to great lengths to hide. Maggie's aghast, but Eli thankfully points out what company they work for and the m.o. of same. Maggie: "If you think that, then why do you work here? I thought you had changed!" Eli: "Why do you work here? I may be trying to change and I might not be pulling it off lately, but at least I know what this place is!" Point to Eli -- he's negotiating this road imperfectly but humanly, but Maggie really doesn't have much of an excuse here. Eli goes on that Maggie might be a better lawyer if she saw things as they actually are, which is ironic coming from a guy who can't round a corner without tripping over a gospel choir or a buff surfer. Speaking of which, Maggie stomps out, and Eli looks regretful again, but there's no time to dwell on that, as the music starts once more. Eli looks through the blinds of his office and sees the choir descending the stairs. He happily comes out into their midst, and behind him, someone starts singing the first verse. He turns, and...it's Patti, dressed in a flashy red sequined dress. And this is the event to which I referred earlier, because I can't completely hate someone who can sing this well. You may not know that Loretta Devine was in Dreamgirls on Broadway, but this is clearly her voice, and the performance is not only lovely, but sassy! In a good way! The vision fades...

...and then Eli is asking Patti if she's a member of a gospel choir. Patti considers that, and then rips Eli for apparently having such a stereotypical view of her. I'd have more sympathy if she weren't saying the line sassily with a capital S. When Eli brings up Lime, however, Patti's demeanor changes, although she doesn't volunteer any information right away, instead just asking what he's on about. He wistfully says he's been making noises about changing, but he's still "pond scum," and goes on that "Old Eli" surfaced in court earlier, "savaging" a paraplegic's wife. I'd not saying you can't feel bad, Eli, but I saw greater savagery in my high school's mock trials. Eli goes on about Martin hiding the key witness, and how he wants to do the right thing. Patti, with intention: "I've waited five years to hear you say that." She tells him not to ask how or why she knows, but: "I know where Stanley Lime is."

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