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...and the reason why is that Eli surreptitiously recorded the conversation. That must have been a pretty great little cassette recorder to get Lime's voice so loud and clear there, but I will give points for the sound of the surf on the tape. Eli has just played the tape for Martin and the Zyer CEO; Martin says he has two reactions, and the first is, Eli's fired. "I don't care what piece of paper Jordan signed." I've been waiting to hear you say that, Martin. The second point is that the tape is hearsay and inadmissible, but Eli babbles at Martin for a while about how he's just doing his job and they wouldn't want any further investigation, but he does mention the words "valid subpoena," and given that, I don't know why he didn't arrange to anonymously arrange for Lime's whereabouts to be made known to Powell. He could have dodged the wrath of his superiors and stayed off that sweltering Hawaii beach! Martin asks, with a disbelieving smile, if Eli is really blackmailing him and one of his clients, but Eli prefers to think of it as a "limitation of liability." It's good he's being glib, otherwise I'd have to point out that if Eli really wanted to limit the firm's liability, he'd resign, effective before this show even started. Eli suggests a large settlement, and Martin, the smile now gone, suggests as an alternative, he throw the tape away. Eli laughs (really overplaying your hand, kid) and says he doubts he'll be doing that. Maggie gives him a "You've come a long way, baby" look that makes me wish Martin indulged his petty side and canned her in lieu of Eli.

Taylor and Matt are playing the tape of the shower, on which Donna is thanking everyone for coming to their "egg party," and then expressing especial gratitude to Jess for giving her "a piece of herself." She tells Jess, calling her "honey," that she'll always have her heart. Matt informs the court that the video was shot after Donna claimed she was going back to church and was having doubts about her relationship. He tells the judge she has two choices -- give Jess equal parental rights, "or give [Donna] an Oscar." Please, not the latter -- it's been a whole week since the ceremony and I still don't think I've fully woken up.

Maggie happily pushes the settlement offer to Powell, and Eli lets us know that it's five million. Powell's suspicious, given that the trial is going well for Eli, but Eli simply tells him that Maggie prevailed on Zyer to do the right thing. "She can be very persistent." Powell basically offers her a job on the spot, but Maggie turns him down OH MY GOD WHY. Goofy smiles and handshakes all around, and then Maggie picks some lint off Eli's suit. I don't like that direction, I have to tell you, even though Eli's bound to get a lot of stuff on his clothes with all the random swooning he does. There's some nonsense about muffins...

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