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In a conference room at WPK, Ramon the Pool Boy knows he's beaten, and is prepared to settle. Eli and Keith demand a quick parole hearing for Mosley, and then Eli asks how much it would cost to comply with "the Governor's prison crowding and recidivism initiatives." Ramon the Pool Boy imagines it would be millions, and Eli's like, "There you go!" Ramon says they'll work out a number, although frankly it sounds to me like he's getting off easy. He asks if they have a deal in principle, but Eli wants one other thing -- the warden is to be fired, with a promise from the DOC that they'll never employ him again. Ramon doesn't think he can do that, but Eli has him sit back down, and goes off about how the settlement is meaningless if the warden is still in charge of "so much as a paper clip," and his only involvement with the system should be as an inmate. What's more, if he doesn't resign, they'll initiate criminal proceedings against him. I'm not sure Rhodes's word would be enough to convict him, but it's reasonable to think some of the witnesses would go back to their original story knowing that they now stand to get rid of the warden once and for all. Also, this speech is made ten times more awesome by the fact that the warden is sitting right there. And Eli drives it home by turning to the warden and asking him directly what it's going to be. The warden doesn't answer, but he's beaten, and everyone knows it. What a wuss -- at least Bob Gunton blew his own head off at the end of The Shawshank Redemption.

Eli is in with Jordan, and Jordan has apparently gotten some more art for his walls, about which Eli doesn't pretend to have the slightest clue. Jordan congratulates Eli on the Tipton Bay settlement, and Eli in turn thanks him for his support in the face of the opposition from Marci. Jordan smiles that whatever tension there is between him and Marci isn't anything for him to worry about, but he has to eat those words when the woman herself comes in and acidly expresses her hope that the new painting wasn't paid for with company money. She then turns to Eli and, without much pretense of civility, congratulates him on his moral victory. "It's almost worth the two computer companies and three department-store chains we lost due to our new 'We Heart Criminals' reputation." Well, to be fair, you've hearted criminals for a long time. It's just the "Who Get Caught" part that's new. However, Marci tells him that the damage will be contained by the fact that Mosley won't be leaving Tipton Bay, as while the board granted his parole, the Governor denied it. She lets that hang in the air while keeping eye contact with Eli, and Eli finally asks if she did that. Marci takes a moment and then breezes, "Only in that I voted for him." So did her checkbook, I'm guessing. She starts to leave as she continues that if he'd like to discuss the matter with her further, she'll be in her new offices on the twentieth floor. She turns back with a smile: "I'll be here for the duration." Eli looks like he might cry.

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