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Eli tells Sassy Patti that he got Matt to take the case, and although she doesn't look over the moon about that, she gives up a list of the David Mosleys between the ages of twenty and forty she found, which unfortunately numbers fifty-three. Sassy Patti tells him that the extra work will be karmic payback for throwing the case to Matt, but Eli, looking at the list, says he thinks he knows which one he's looking for. He kind of gloats about it too, and his attractiveness is growing so exponentially that I expect him to be six inches taller by the end of the episode.

So the thing that made Eli pick the particular David Mosley he did is that Keith represented him a long time ago, as Eli is now telling the man in question in the break room. Keith uncertainly acknowledges this, saying it was on a felony murder case, and Eli reads that Mosley is currently serving twenty-five to life at "Tipton Bay." He goes on that he's going to visit him, and since Keith is his last attorney of record, he thought he might want to come along. Keith shows he's not a masochist by being like, "Uh, no," a sentiment he repeats when Eli asks if he's not even interested in why Eli's going to visit Mosley. He doesn't want to visit a prisoner he failed to successfully defend? What is wrong with him?

Establishing shot of a prison, and I'll pause for a moment to let all you Wentworth Miller fans grab a paper bag. Inside, grim, stately music plays, and I know we're supposed to feel some gravity here, but this isn't The Green Mile. Anyway, Eli gets to talk to Mosley on the phone through the glass, and he introduces himself and hesitantly asks if he needs a lawyer. Oh, wow, Mosley's totally Whackjob Gordon from Supernatural, whose death I had the privilege to recap! I doubt he's going to be decapitated with razor wire here, but one can only hope. Anyway, in answer to Eli's question, Mosley's like, "Uh duh," but Eli sighs and explains that criminal law isn't exactly his specialty. Mosley tells him it doesn't matter -- he's been told that there's nothing to appeal in his case. He starts to hang up, but Eli stops him, and they discuss some details of the case -- apparently Mosley's accomplices testified against him, but Mosley says they lied -- he didn't even enter the crime scene, but was in the car the whole time, so he certainly didn't kill anyone. He and Eli stare at each other wordlessly for a moment, and Mosley takes Eli's silence to mean there's no hope, grimly intoning, "What's another twenty years in prison anyway?" Hey, I only recapped Oz for two seasons, and that just about killed me. I think twenty more years is pretty significant! Eli's confused, though, as he read the report on Mosley's sentencing, and thinks he should be up for parole right about now. Mosley agrees that he should be, but in order to get parole he needs to be granted a parole hearing, and the warden keeps turning his requests down. You see, the prison is overcrowded by a factor of three, and Mosley led a hunger strike to try to change things, which the warden didn't appreciate. I hope the warden at least savored the irony of refusing to parole a man with issues about prison overcrowding. Evil is wasted on the dumb. Mosley says he doesn't care, anyway -- he has to stand up for what he believes in. "We've got to..." "...live brave," Eli finishes. Mosley looks a little floored, but he simply agrees before we get the title card.

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