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Eli and Keith are in the warden's office, and the warden is telling them that Mosley refused many work details and encouraged others to do the same, and was also found with prohibited reading materials, not to mention the hunger strikes. Keith does not look at Eli like, "This is your definition of a model inmate?" Which is just another baffling omission. Eli tells the warden he thinks Mosley was engaging in civil disobedience, but the warden counters that this isn't a college campus, "where community activism is encouraged." I'm sure the Ohio National Guard thanks you for that portrayal. The warden's position is basically this: He doesn't have the time or budget to worry about anything but keeping order, so Mosley's continued disciplinary problems will probably keep him from ever getting a hearing. Eli counters that they'll get Mosley a hearing before a judge, and the warden tells him he admires his optimism. "We don't see a lot of that around here." Maybe Maggie can come work at the prison and everyone will be happy.

When Keith and Eli return to the office, Taylor is lying in wait, griping that she hates animals, "especially gorilla-type ones!" Eli snerks that it's actually more of a fear thing with her, and when Keith asks what she's talking about, Eli replies, "Apes. One's her client, the other's her co-counsel." Call me, Bitchy Eli! Let's have brunch! Taylor says she can't believe Eli's jealous of Matt, and when he denies that, says they'll see, as she'll be working with Matt late into the night. She leaves, and Keith tells Eli, "You live a very interesting life." I don't usually appreciate the meta commentary, but he's not exactly wrong. As if to punctuate that, Patti comes rushing up with the news that something happened with Mosley...

...and Eli and Keith are right back at the prison, visiting Mosley in the hospital wing. A bloody-faced Mosley first asks Eli what Keith is doing there, and when Keith steps forward and says he's on his legal team, Mosley tells Eli he doesn't want Keith's help. Eli, however, tells him that he's been getting that help already, and then asks if he's okay, and Mosley says he'll live -- he's just got a few broken ribs. Keith, not particularly wanting to hear the answer, asks how he got them, and Mosley replies, "The warden knows how to make a point." For someone who complains about the lack of optimism, he's not exactly helping to foster it. Eli says he's not the only one, and asks Keith if they should pursue a writ of habeus corpus, but Keith has his eyes on a bigger prize, and they agree to file a class-action suit on behalf of the entire prison population -- they'll sue for denial of parole hearings, violation of civil rights, and prisoner abuse. Mosley chuckles, and when Keith asks what's so funny, he tells him, "I just like the way you boys roll."

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