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Chimpback Mountain

Keith and Eli have assembled a bunch of associates in a big room full of boxes, and Keith tells them that they have forty-eight hours to go through hundreds of them, all filled with Department Of Corrections records, in order to discover a pattern of abuse that they can link to Tipton Bay's warden. Just then, however, Marci and Jordan appear, and when they learn what's going on, Marci sneers, "Prisoners' rights class-action? This should get our Fortune 500 clients running back into the fold." Leaving aside general philosophy, if Keith and Eli are going to appropriate this many man-hours for this case, doesn't it seem like maybe they should have had to clear it with a partner? Marci demands that they recuse themselves from the case, but Jordan opposes her. Thwarted but unbowed, she informs the associates that their commitment to pro bono work is gratifying to see, but their time spent of the case won't count toward the seventy-five hours a week they're expected to bill. Well, I think they should still be able to find that many...wait a minute. She means seventy-five hours each, doesn't she? Does this woman know how many hours there are in a week? Anyway, she asks how many people are now interested in assisting Eli, and of course Maggie puts her hand in the air, but it's the extras that are cracking me up with their studious examination of the floor. Hey, you've got to make the most of what they give you.

Yay, it's Female Asian Judge! I think she's my favorite bit character on the show. I can see on her nameplate that her first name is "Marcia," so she'll be Judge Marcia until I get a more informative camera angle. Oh, wait, IMDb lists her as "Judge Phelps." That's more dignified. Anyway, Judge Phelps disbelievingly asks Taylor and Matt, "You brought me a gay chimp case?" If that isn't indicative enough, she's skeptical of the merits of the case, so Matt asks her if she's heard of the theory of chimpanzee tort protection. Judge Phelps: "Let's go out on a limb and say that I haven't." Hee. Matt babbles some bullshit (not that he's wrong on the merits, necessarily, but he's totally making this up as he goes along) about the similarities between chimps and humans, and Taylor gets in on the act too. The opposing counsel is dismissive, but I think she's the same woman who represented Matt ex-girlfriend's ex-lover, so she's probably just one of those right-wing crazies Sassy Patti was talking about. Judge Phelps is like, "Sit down, bitch, I'm hearing the case." Love her. Matt and Taylor both look psyched.

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