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Eli and Maggie are alone with the boxes, and they've laid out their strategy for proving their case on a whiteboard. Maggie's phone rings, but when she sees who it is, she rejects the call. I'd feel sorry for her fiancé if I actually thought he existed. Eli tells her it's okay for her to talk to her fiancé in front of him, and then her phone rings again, so this time she answers, "Hey, sweetie." That seems like a familiar way to greet a telemarketer, but I could see Maggie striking up that kind of friendship. She gets rid of him, anyway, and Eli offers that if she wants to talk to him at more length, that's cool, but Maggie awkwardly says that he gets her situation, and that "Scott" is really awesome. Anyway, Eli makes a "hmm" noise, and just like that, they're having a discussion about the engagement, with Eli opining that it came out of nowhere, as it did, and Maggie saying that going home reprioritized a lot of things for her, such as long-distance engagements with people who may or may not exist. Eli says he's glad, because he didn't want to think that she got engaged as a reaction to what happened between them, which is a load -- he's only sorry that she got engaged in that she's not an option for him now, not that she had a strong reaction. Anyway, don't you two have work to do?

Keith, meanwhile, is at the prison talking to an enormous guy and ascertaining that he wrote some letters complaining about the sewage in his cell, and he got beaten up as a result. The guy adds that he's got twenty-two stitches to prove it, although I'd think you'd need a large meat slicer to inflict that kind of damage on this guy. Keith tells him he'll see him in court, and he leaves as Mosley enters. Keith adopts a guilty posture on seeing him, and we learn more about what happened -- Keith wanted him to accept a plea that would have resulted in a sentence of five years, but Mosley refused, as he was innocent. "But I turned your five years down and you just stopped fighting." Keith denies that, saying that they simply lost, and that was the risk of going to trial. "You had no one who backed up your alibi." Mosley asks where Eli is, but Keith tells him that he's the one taking depos. "I'm the guy you got now, David. There's no one else coming." Mosley turns his back for a moment, but sits down and tells Keith how, the second year he was at the prison, his cellmate's appendix burst, and "they" waited a day and a half before getting him to a doctor. Yikes. Mosley filed a complaint, and as a result got transferred to the E Wing -- "with twenty-five members of the Aryan Nation." Keith looks up slowly as Mosley goes on that he suffered a punctured lung and some fractures, but that was nothing compared to his cellmate, who died that night. Keith uncertainly opines that that's unbelievable, and Mosley says they should keep going. "I got ten years' worth of stories to tell." Keith looks like he might vomit.

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