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Praying For Time

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Crisis Of Faith

Eli turns up at Chen's, a haggard mess -- he can't take all this anymore. Without some proof of the higher plan, he doesn't want to go on like this. Chen points out all the people he's helped and all the stuff he's learned about himself and his dad, but Eli doesn't want to hear it. "If that is proof that God is behind everything that is happening to me, it also means that he wanted me to hurt the people who love me the most!" Chen tries to say he knows how hard this is, but Eli yells that he can't, and none of this is God -- just the aneurysm. He says he's going to have it fixed despite the risks to his life: "If I don't get it out now, I won't have anything left to live for anyway." With a look back at Chen, he walks out.

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