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Crisis Of Faith

Outside, Eli meets with the judge, who wastes little time in telling him that his son-in-law is a "wannabe developer," and that it would mean the world to him to partner with an Arvin Salinsky. He tells Eli how "appreciative" he'd be if Eli would introduce his son-in-law to Salinsky. Eli tells the judge that he doesn't enjoy "that kind of relationship" with Salinsky. Eli, he just wants you to put the two of them together. It doesn't have to be in a bathhouse. He goes on about the "serious breach of ethics," but the judge merely laughs and points out that with Eli's recent trouble with the bar, no one's likely to believe an accusation coming from him. The judge bids him good afternoon, and I'm no expert, but shouldn't this meeting have taken place in an underground parking garage?

Eli's back with Chen, who notes that Eli whines quite a bit. It's a lot more palatable coming from someone that cute, though. Sad but true. Eli notes that bribing a judge doesn't seem like a very divine plan, but Chen has a broader (and laughable, but I don't have the energy) view of the whole thing that's interrupted by another fake earthquake. Eli rushes to open a door...and sees Patti up at the front of a shaking church. He calls to her, and she turns...and says, "Dude, you've gotta calm down!" in Chen's voice. Heh. The stained-glass windows blow out, and then Chen plucks Eli's sleeve from behind, snapping him out of the vision. Chen notes that this is the first time he's seen Eli actually having a vision. "It's intense, bro!"

Eli pulls Patti into his "office" and tells her he sometimes has visions of the future. Patti asks if she's being Punk'd. "Is that cute Ashton Kutcher gonna jump out here? I hear he appreciates the mature woman." That leaves you safe, then. He earnestly tells her about the earthquake, and says that he has to get her neighbors out. He adds that he thinks his visions come from God, and Patti seems to be affected by all this, but wonders why the association would listen to her. Well, I hate to judge based on a couple minutes of screentime, but since that's all I've got, I'll tell you: They're sheep. Eli says that they trust Patti, and she could get them to take the deal. Patti's genuinely torn, but she's definitely listening. I don't need to tell you that that's a welcome change.

Turk is saying that he wasn't in his right mind when he hit the coach, and doesn't even remember what happened -- he looked down the line at the coach, and he snapped. The prosecutor, of course, isn't having that, and asks if he was taking performance-enhancing drugs at the time of the incident. Turk takes the Fifth, so the prosecutor blusters some more, and then on redirect, Turk admits that some part of him "wanted to end the man," but he swears that he never intended to do him any harm. Um...case dismissed? No, as the prosecutor wants to call Carly Turk back to the stand. Say it with me: Sidebar! Keith thinks that the D.A. is trying to circumvent spousal privilege, but the judge allows him to proceed. "But if Carly Turk even repeats what the defendant mumbled in his sleep, I'm holding you in contempt."

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