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In the next scene, we see Jordan and Eli giving a press conference. The entire firm sits in front of one TV -- even though they could probably all be streaming it from their individual computers -- and watches Jordan deliver his statement. Jordan announces that neither Eli's behavior nor his aneurysm has impaired his ability to practice law in any way. He goes on that Eli's aneurysm didn't keep him from graduating from Stanford, clerking at the Supreme Court, or representing clients with distinction at one of the country's most prestigious firms. The individual reactions at aforementioned firm are interesting: Taylor is rightfully tearful over her father impressively defending the honor of the man she loves; Maggie is annoyingly tearful (over what, we have no idea, given how she freaks out on Eli later) as she clutches pearls she's not even wearing; Posner is quietly proud and duly impressed by his partner's ingenuity and delivery; Patti looks calmly surprised by Jordan. Elsewhere, Nathan watches the press conference and looks proud of his brother. He also looks a little emotional. Jordan closes, "As a member of the bar, I am embarrassed by the disciplinary actions it has taken against my colleague, my associate, and that is why I felt it my obligation to draft and file a law suit against the state bar association for violations of the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act on Mr. Stone's behalf."

When Bennett and Dowd meet with their slugger client one more time, Bennett runs the meeting. Turk keeps denying he killed the coach on purpose and finally asks Dowd, "You think I did this?" "I think if you could your aim hits like this, your on-base percentage would be a thousand, but that doesn't change the fact that the ADA thinks otherwise." Bennett explains to Turk that the ADA is fully planning on sending cops to Turk's home to drag him out to a squad car in front of all his neighbors. Dowd says that their firm has some pull with the DA and they've arranged for Turk to surrender to the cops himself. "Surrender?" Turk asks, "So, I'm, like, a criminal here?" Dowd promises they will get him through this as painlessly as possible. And, kids? That's why YOU DON'T DO STERIODS!

Back at the disbarment hearing, the judge cites the press conference and withdraws his summary ruling, allowing the case to continue. Jordan thinks they should just move to closing statements and says that Eli will be speaking on his own behalf. Eli looks in surprise at Jordan, who encourages him quietly, "Go on, Eli, they need to hear from you why you want this. To be reminded how good you are at it." Eli gets up and talks about how good a lawyer he was before his aneurysm and how he would have become a great lawyer. However, since he only cared about winning his cases, Eli admits he wouldn't have been a great person. The aneurysm has made him care about helping his clients. "And how good a help will you be to them if you die in the middle of their case?" Raines asks. As good a help as any lawyer who stands the chance of getting hit by a car or choking on a pretzel or accidentally fatally stabbing themselves to death while cooking. Eli goes on that since he knows that any case could be his last (Jordan looks very pained here, and I love him for it!), he takes the cases that are more important to him, and he thinks he's a better lawyer for it. He agrees that his behavior is odd, but odd isn't always bad. Eli goes on, "My father had the same condition, and it didn't prevent him from raising two sons. One who became a doctor [he looks back at Nathan, who smiles slightly], and another who became a lawyer. And being a lawyer is all I ever wanted to be. One day, I may have stop being one, but that's not today. Today, I can still do some good. All I'm looking for from this hearing is the chance to keep doing it."

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