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After the commercial break, the judge rules that Eli should be sanctioned and fined $1000 for concealing his medical condition. However, the judge continues, he is not revoking his right to practice law, but Eli has to submit to a medical exam by a physician who is not his brother. The judge specifically eyes Nathan, who was looking all happy at this news, but when the judge gives him the eye, Nathan sort of calms down and shakes his head slightly in agreement. It makes me giggle. Eli will also have to endure regular psychiatric evals to determine if his ability to practice law has been compromised. Judge bangs his gavel, and Eli breathes a sigh of relief. He looks over at Jordan and starts to say, "Sir..." But Jordan just cuts him dead with a look and walks out of the courtroom without a word. Cold. Raines shakes his hand and sincerely wishes him good luck. The brothers Stone embrace.

Oh, and we're here now. Maggie stomps into Eli's office, all puffed up with her ridiculously righteous indignation. Before she gets a word out, Eli tries to apologize by saying, "You know, the strange thing was, as hard as it was to keep the secret from people from here, it was oddly kind of hardest to keep it from you." That is odd. What is Maggie to Eli, really? Maggie doesn't care and just calls Eli an ass. "I thought you changed. I thought you realized all by yourself that it's not enough to be a good lawyer if you're not a good person, but you're the same selfish, self-centered lawyer you always were. All that's changed now is that you're trying to clean up your record in case there's a hereafter." I'm sorry, Maggie, but who's the one who could drop dead any second now -- you or Eli? Oh, it's Eli? Then shut your sanctimonious, cartoon-idealistic face! Eli splutters that there was this whole thing with a coffee can and a mountaintop, but Maggie's too pissed about her tarnished knight to actually think clearly. She spouts a bit more, then snits, "I rest my case!" and stomps out. Patti is the next to walk in and she observes, "You really have a way with women." Eli comments, "I'm not sure how it happened, but I think my having an aneurysm pisses her off!" Not just her, Patti announces -- Jordan wants to see him.

Jordan's office. As soon as Eli walks in, Jordan asks haltingly, "Are you in pain?" Eli's not sure what he means. "Your...aneurysm," Jordan clarifies roughly, "Does it cause you any physical discomfort?" Eli assures him that it doesn't. Jordan thinks over his next words before saying that he understands why Eli lied to him and he also realizes that he probably would have done the same thing in his place. However, Jordan concludes, that doesn't change the fact that Eli's secret could have jeopardized the entire firm. Gathering emotional steam from anger and hurt, Jordan goes on, "I like being lied to only less than I appreciate my life's work being threatened by selfishness. I won't tolerate it within these walls and I won't put my money in such a person's pocket." Jordan reaffirms that he can't fire Eli. "Even if I could get around the language of the Keller settlement, I couldn't discharge the very attorney whose freedom to practice I so publicly championed." Jordan is obligated to keep Eli on. However, he is not obligated to give Eli an office, an assistant, or a caseload. "I'm not obligated to treat you with respect," Jordan continues, getting more upset by the second, "And I'm not obligated to maintain a professional or personal relationship with you. We're done." I'm not sure who looks more hurt here, Jordan or Eli. Probably Jordan, because Eli can't even begin to understand the depths of Jordan's regard and fatherly love for him. Am I reading too much into what is only the sixth episode of this infant show? Maybe, but it's fucking Victor Garber, people! How can I not see that?!

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