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Singing In The Rain

Moving on, Jordan explains that Turk is a long-standing client, so they'll be preparing his defense. See, Turk has long been accused of steroid abuse, and the DA's office is going to use this incident to juice a Giambi confession out of the catcher. Dowd just assumes he'll be on this case, but Jordan shuts him down with a snark about it being slightly more diffy than negotiating an endorsement deal. New Guy Bennett has the "requisite criminal law experience." AND? He's black! (Okay, I don't know if the ball player is black as well, but I'm assuming this is all a thinly-veiled allusion to the notorious Barry Bonds.) Dowd is pathetic in his chagrin at being sidelined, and finally Jordan exasperates, "Who could resist those puppy-dog eyes? Mr. Dowd, why don't you back up Mr. Bennett." Bennett is so not thrilled. They move on to other case assignments and it becomes clear that Eli is getting shafted, due to his upcoming disciplinary hearing with the California Bar that afternoon. At this point the vision of the week starts in earnest with rain pouring down on Eli's head. Next thing you know, Eli's standing on a grassy knoll watching his fellow lawyers, who are all skipping around in white diaphanous garments while singing "Who'll Stop the Rain." Other people are dancing with umbrellas, but I soon forget them as Victor Garber's voice drowns everyone else out. He takes Eli by the arm and sings, "...wrapped in golden chain, and I wonder, still I wonder: who'll stop the ra-ai-aiiin?" Oh, my god. I will probably never get sick of Spy Daddy singing. In a reverse universe, I'd also never get sick of Sing Daddy spying. So, yeah, as these visions go? Just make sure Victor Garber is always singing, and I'm pretty much always going to love them. The fact that he's also dressed in white linen just makes it so much better. Of course, they do all look like they're in a cult. His co-workers do a ring-around-the-aneuryosie, and then Eli is suddenly back in the office. He's standing with his eyes closed, gently singing off-key, "The rai-ain." His head is thrown back, his chest thrust forward, and his arms out to the sides in one of the more squirming-under-the-couch post-vision postures yet. When Eli comes to and sees everyone staring and Posner smirking, he does the only thing he can do. Sit back down and look embarrassed.

I know a guy who used that song to remember that Manama was the capital of Bahrain: "And I wonder, still I wonder, Manama Bahrain!" Yeah, he was kind of a weirdo.

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