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Singing In The Rain

Dr. Chen's. After Eli explains the latest vision, Dr. Chen, the Magical Asian Man, comments that both God and Hurakan (a Mayan god, and I'd tell you to Wikipedia it already, but I'm worried that Jimmy Wales dated him and therefore compromised the truth of the entry) used rain to wipe out their first draft of humanity. After pointing out that this is the second time Jordan has sung to him, Dr. Chen helps Eli figure out that maybe Jordan is the one who will "stop the rain" of his disbarment hearing. And even when we and Dr. Chen learn that the disbarment prosecutor is named Holly Raines, Eli still refuses to ask Jordan to represent him because he'll have to admit that he lied about his aneurysm. Dr. Chen is all, "You lied? To your boss?" and is a bit more surprised than I would have thought he should be, but I guess I take honesty to my bosses less seriously than most.

Back at the office, Taylor gently tries to introduce the idea that taking a little break from the scales of justice might be a good thing for Eli. He's not having it, so when Taylor learns that Eli still doesn't have a lawyer of any sort and is depending on his job to keep him from turning into his "alcoholic screw-up of a father," she makes a silent decision.

The next scene is Jordan boggling over his daughter asking him to save her ex-fiancé's Levi-clad ass. (This is where I get to SQUEEE that on a trip to L.A. last week, I ate my pizza at Mozza three feet away from Johnny Lee Miller, who was wearing Levis and a button-down shirt. He looked so adorably NORMAL!) By telling him that their smashed engagement was because she was "seeing someone else" and that Eli's bizarre behavior is just him acting out, Taylor melts what little resistance her father has to helping his almost-son. Wow. I want to side with Patti and hate Taylor but I just can't. She's too nice.

Alone in a small courtroom, Eli prepares to defend himself in the disbarment hearing, but at the last minute, Jordan sails in as his defender and savior.

I've finally figured out what American accent Johnny Lee Miller is working: Ferris Bueller meets Vince Vaughn. It's interesting. Eli approaches Taylor in the copy room and jokes, "So, I looked for a 'thanks for getting your dad to represent me in my disbarment hearing' card, but I couldn't find one." "Did you look next to the 'sorry I called off our wedding because of the guy from Wham' display?" Taylor quips back. That's sort of the thing about George Michael -- no matter what or who he does in the future, he will sort of always be the guy from Wham. Eli confirms that Taylor didn't expose his brain cloud secret and then offers up Patti as a sacrifice of thanks for her help. Man, when Patti gets wind of this, Eli's going to wish himself into a well. Smartly, Taylor quails over this suggestion but doesn't reject it.

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