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Singing In The Rain

You'd think that Patti would be glad that Taylor came over and interrupted with some stuff she needs types, but you'd be wrong. Hearing that Eli volunteered her services, Patti just smiles with her teeth, "That sounds so...like him!" and says, "I'll put it at the tippy-top of my to-do list." Taylor smiles uncomfortably from Patti to Maggie before smoothing down her intensely unflattering blue pinstripe vest and walking off. Maggie breathes a sigh of something and turns back to Patti, who fires back, "He finally freed himself of that woman. What could possibly be wrong with him?!" I have to love Patti even more for shooing Maggie off with her hands. Maggie, not knowing what to do, clunks off to add more puppy juice to her hair.

Eli has a take-out dinner with Jordan and learns that he doesn't really know what the hell Taylor told her father about the ending of their relationship. Not desiring to enlighten him, Jordan moves on to the case and instructs Eli exactly how he is to handle the questions of prosecuting attorney. As Jordan goes through each stage, we cut to Eli in the courtroom dutifully following his instructions. First, Eli is to account for his odd behavior by not accounting for it. In other words: obfuscate! Obfuscate! Obfuscate! In response to Raines' question, Courtroom Eli says, "I can't admit or deny it was part of my legal strategy without discussing my strategy, and I can't do that without violating privilege." Jordan says that Raines won't let him hide behind attorney-client confidentiality, so when Raines asks about the singing and dancing in his law firm, Courtroom Eli says, "What I do outside the attorney-client relationship isn't relevant to my fitness to practice law." Jordan says that Raines' weakness is overreaching, so when Raines assumes that Eli doesn't deny his outbursts, Courtroom Eli says, "I didn't know that singing was against the law -- what else could I lose my license for, playing the piano?" And then, Jordan tells Eli, he has to move in for the attack. Courtroom Eli says, "In the last two months, my trial record's been three-and-one, winning over fifteen million dollars for my clients. If I'm unfit to practice law, maybe the lawyers I beat should be invited to your witch hunt." That first stage over, Jordan compliments Eli's performance and shows him Raines' witness list. He points out that Brother Nathan is on the list. Eli shrugs it off by saying Raines is just fishing. "Then you shouldn't have chummed the waters. It was foolish having your own brother examine you -- makes it look like you have something to hide," Jordan fires back. Outside of Jane Austen, does anyone use "foolish" in every day conversation anymore? It's a serious question. Eli lies, "Well, it's a good thing, then, that I don't." Is that the second time he's turned Jordan away from the truth? One more time and one of them converts to Judaism.

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