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Eating at some clubby spot that probably sells beef and heart attacks for the suited asses of S.F., Dowd toys with Bennett a bit about why they are having lunch with Posner. Bennett doesn't really bite until the DA walks up to their table and greets Posner like a very old, very dear, very slimy friend. Posner invites the DA to sit with them and chuckles that his "minions" were just bitching to him about one of the DA's own, "Paul Sweren?" The DA instantly recalls the Turk case and shakes his head over it, saying he supports his ADA. This spurs Posner and Dowd into talking about the new baseball stadium that is yet to be built and how that stadium will need public funding. Posner goes on, "Public funding needs local support, which might be hard to come by if you slap a murder charge on San Francisco's favorite son." "No, that would be Barry Bonds," the DA corrects. Um, no it wouldn't. Barry Bonds is an ass and most of San Francisco is embarrassed by him. The DA muses that it would be tragic if the city lost the stadium, "And not every death is a criminal matter." The DA promises to talk to Sweren and leaves. Bennett looks a bit sickened by this whole lunch. Dowd reassures him grandly, "Don't worry, as starting pitcher, you still record the win, I just get the save." And then I think he reaches over and eats food off Bennett's plate.

Raines has Nathan on the stand and is grilling him about signing off on his brother's brain scan. Nathan starts to sweat, and Eli is tossed into another rainy day vision. (Or are these memories?) This one has Young Eli looking at a nudie mag with Caruso from Everybody Hates Chris. They're distracted from tits and ass by Eli's father walking through rain, talking nonsense and acting drunk. At first, Young Eli tries to pretend it's not his father, but Caruso insists that it is. Finally, Young Eli shoves the tittie mag at Caruso and goes up to yell at his dad. Dad Stone is sort of cowed to see his son standing in front of him, all angry and drenched. Young Eli demands the bottle from his dad, and Dad Stone slowly pulls a bottle of vodka from his jacket. Eli drags him off home.

Flashing back to the courtroom, Eli stands up and interrupts the line of questioning. Jordan tries to get Eli to shut up, but Eli barrels on that he forged his own signature. Jordan quickly asks for a recess, but the judge denies him. The judge asks why he forged his signature. "Because I didn't want anyone, especially Mr. Weathersby, to discover that I have a brain aneurysm," Eli admits. Oh, man, poor Jordan. (I can't call him Weathersby because wasn't that the name of the rotund principal of Riverside High in the Archie comics?) He sort of sinks to his seat, looking completely and gobsmackedly devastated. Raines asks Nathan if the aneurysm is the cause of Eli's behavior. His heart not really in it, but still in his lawyer mode, Jordan objects, citing doctor-patient privilege, and tells Nathan not to answer. Raines then turns the question on the obviously obliging Eli, who nods his answer over Jordan's increasingly weak objections. Raines asks if Eli is undergoing treatment at this time. Jordan's jaw is now pretty level with the floor. Eli responds that he's not undergoing treatment, because there isn't any treatment, it's inoperable. Victor Garber continues to break my heart with his face, and even more distressing, he's not even trying to object anymore. Raines finally asks if his aneurysm is fatal. Eli says, "Well, it's possible that I could live to be a hundred, or yes, it could be fatal." Raines announces that the State Bar rests. Jordan finally pulls himself together to stand up and request that recess again. Granted, but the judge doesn't think Jordan and Eli will be happy with his decision when they reconvene. Eli whispers, "Sir...I --" But Jordan stops him with a terse, "Don't."

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