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Back at the firm, Jordan bawls his daughter out for lying to him about Eli being in good health. "Are you serious?' Taylor demands. "I love him, and he could die. Any minute, I could lose him." Jordan ignores this and says he expects secrets between them, but not dishonesty. He is most seriously displeased. Taylor, who knows her father way less than I seem to, half-chokes, "Eli's been like a son to you, and it's like you don't even care that he could die. And you're disappointed in me." Jordan flinches because his daughter can't see that all his misplaced anger is because he's beyond worried that Eli could die. Now, he will have to push Eli far, far away from him so it won't hurt when Eli does die. But at this point, the distance of righteous anger is all he can summon up.

In Dr. Chen's office, Eli rails against the acupuncturist for making him believe that his visions had some greater spiritual purpose. I'm not really seeing how that has changed just because this particular vision is all about saving Eli rather than other people. Eli's blustering clearly hurts Dr. Chen, but he just asks what prompted Eli to reveal the truth about his brain cloud. Eli shouts about his father-son vision and then sits down, musing, "I'd forgotten how out there he could be, and how mad it would make me. Seeing him like that, I wasn't going to let Nate ruin his life just like our father nearly did." Dr. Chen decides it's time for a needle nap to give clarity to the father-son flashback. Just before he needles him, Dr. Chen says enigmatically, "Give my regards to your father." "What?!" Eli blusters before being shot back in time.

He remembers his father coming into his room at night. Young Eli rolls over on his bed, showing his dad his back. "My friend saw," Eli tells him, "At the park. Everyone at school's going to know now." Dad Stone tries to laugh that he was only playacting. But then, he drops the pretense and adds lamely, "I'm sure it didn't look that bad." Eli mutters, "At least when you're at the bar, nobody else can see." Dad Stone sits down and tries to explain himself: "I know sometimes I don't seem to be making a whole lot of sense. The reason for that is I -- it's like I can see too much. I mean, when my eyes are open, I see what's right in front of me but I also see...other things. Things that haven't happened yet." Eli seems interested and rolls over to listen. "And maybe they won't," Dad Stone goes on, "They...don't always, but sometimes, sometimes they do." Dad Stone pauses and locks eyes with his son. "Does anything like that ever happen to you?" he asks hopefully. "Yeah," Eli admits. Dad Stone straightens up, expectant. Eli sits up, "Yeah, I can see the future, too. In a few hours you're going to pass out somewhere." Dad Stone's face drops. "Mom's going to get phone call and tell me that she's gotta go out and get milk or eggs for the morning, but really she's going out to get you [a lot of distaste poured into that syllable] from wherever and when she gets home, she's gonna take a shower so no one in the house can hear her crying." Dad Stone is on his feet, and Young Eli once again rolls over on his bed. Dad Stone stares sadly at his son's back before walking out of his bedroom, closing the door behind him. He closes the door of hope! Of love! Of understa -- oh, you're all smart. You can figure out the symbolism.

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