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Wow, this is really the end of the season! I really have to hand it to the people involved with the show, because it really felt like it was in the high weeds around the third and fourth episodes, and somehow it managed to pull things together and involve everyone in Eli's poignant journey. I really hope it gets another season, because it's not that often a show succeeds in getting me invested in just about every character. Except with Berlanti shows, of course, where it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME. Seriously, though, ABC, don't cancel Jonny Lee Miller. He's too cute!

Okay. We open on Eli already under the knife, so I guess any further complaints about this decision being overly reckless are going to fall on anesthetized ears. The doctor says they're just about done when machines start beeping and a nurse says Eli's pulse is dropping. No one actually refers to Eli as "Colin," which is admirable, given that if you played the dialogue from this scene and from Colin Hart's surgery, I have the feeling you might get some stereo action. The doc says that the aneurysm ruptured, and everyone frantically works away...

...and then, after a flash, Eli jolts awake in bed. He takes some deep recovery breaths, as you do when you imagine something horrible happening to you that you completely signed up for.

In the lobby of the WPK building, Matt rushes for the elevator that Eli's holding open for him. Once on, Matt gives Eli an uncertain glance, and then looks at his shoes as he notes that Eli's got that "thing" this week. Eli acknowledges that said "thing" is happening Friday, and Matt responds, "If anyone deserves to...not...die, or be brain-damaged, it's you." Aw. Matt's been hiding his sensitive side all along! "And if you do end up a vegetable, two words: Sponge. Bath." And there he is, doing it again! Eli tells Matt that that sentiment is comforting. Hee.

We see workmen doing earthquake-cleanup, and then when the elevator arrives, Keith is waiting for them. Matt thinks he's waiting to discuss a case with him, but Keith says that he actually wants to talk to Eli. Matt's just as happy to go scam on some chicks to get the awful taste of caring out of his mouth, leaving Keith to make small talk about Mosley. There's a nice little blink-and-you'll-miss-it touch, though, where Eli looks at the men working and remarks, "I thought they fixed that already!" Nice one, writers. Anyway, Eli divines that Keith is offering to talk about the surgery, and says that isn't necessary, but Keith tells Eli he's there for him, and even if he just wants to go out and get hammered, drinks are on him. I only hope that the upcoming surgery will fix Eli's remarkable lack of enthusiasm for this offer. Keith gives Sassy Patti a little conspiratorial look as he leaves, prompting Eli to ask her why everyone's treating him as though he's made of glass. Patti plays dumb, but Eli tells her gently that she doesn't have to threaten everyone to be nice to him. She points out that people don't get brain surgery every day, but Eli tells her he wants her to be herself -- in fact, he demands that she be even meaner to him than normal. "Where's the Mayor of Sasstown when I need her?" Aw! I'm heartened to hear that Eli likes the sassiness -- it makes her behavior toward him a lot easier to take in retrospect. If only she'd get the memo that not everyone on the show is a sass-loving masochist, we might actually be able to come to an understanding. Anyway, Patti, making a valiant effort not to cry, tells Eli, as we see a man standing behind him, that his ten o'clock is there. Eli responds that he didn't realize he had a ten o'clock, prompting Patti to seethe that he doesn't listen. Eli's like, "There's my sassy girl!" Anyway, the bald client steps forward, and Patti introduces him to Eli as "Mr. Green." Eli asks him to remind him what his case is about. Mr. Green: "I need you to help me die." So this isn't going to be one of those Berlanti season finales where everyone ends up jumping in the pool, huh?

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