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Are We Back In Everwood?

...and then he's standing alone in a room -- until there's a flash of light behind him, and he turns to see George Michael, speaking of coming full circle. Eli asks if he's God, and George smiles. "Some men have said so." We know -- he works for one. Eli says he doesn't know how to get back, but, somewhat reminiscent of The Wizard Of Oz, George tells him he's known how the whole time. He then breaks into song -- according to fuzzybutt in the forums, it's a sixties number called "Feeling Good" by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse -- and soon it's a full-blown performance, featuring Jordan, Patti, and George. As the song goes on, we get a quick montage of scenes from the season, and ordinarily I'd object but I'm kind of psyched that they took any excuse to keep the awesome Michael/Devine vocals going. Back wherever Eli is, all the rest of the principals show up and happily dance around Eli in a circle, and after they hit the last note, Eli grits his teeth and closes his eyes...

...and in the hospital, he wakes up. We pull back a little as he looks around, takes a deep breath, and smiles, and that's it for Season One. Except this, as always: Damn you, Berlanti!

By the way, I'm not currently planning to go anywhere, but I'm also moving soon and you never know how things will change, and I'd regret not saying anything if this turns out to be my last recap. So: Six years so far, and it's been inexpressibly fun. Thanks a lot for reading, and drop me a line any time.

John Ramos is a writer and film producer about to move to Los Angeles. You can reach him at couchbaron@msn.com.

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