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In the first meeting, Green is telling his wife, her lawyer, and Maggie and Eli that he just wants to die on his own terms. His wife responds, "But we choose life, David. That's what we do." Katherine Hamnett would be so proud. Green, however, informs his attorneys that those were Moses's last words to the Israelites, and he strokes his wife's hair as he goes on that she called the sentiment "the Eleventh Commandment" in one of her sermons -- you see, she's a rabbi. Maggie thinks that explains the whole "talking to God" deal, but "Rebecca" snaps that Green doesn't even believe in God. He denies that, pointing out that people often find faith in times of crisis, and this is of course interesting theologically, but I've got a lot of work and damning of Berlanti to get through, so let's just say that Rebecca thinks he's abandoning his children with this decision, and Green thinks he's following the word from above by dying with dignity. "And if that's God's plan, I can't imagine a greater lesson to teach my children." Eli looks down, no doubt thinking, "All this talk about family is making me want to call my mom. Too bad SHE'S NOT EVEN IN THE EPISODE IN WHICH I HAVE BRAIN SURGERY, HELLO."

Eli comes back to the office to receive a heaping helping of extra-strength sass, and Patti's barrage about him not answering his cell is so thorough that he doesn't even catch the snap until she pauses and adds, "And your mama dresses you funny." Hee. And I guess his mom was in the episode after all! How touching! Anyway, Eli finally smiles as he figures out that all the sass is for his benefit, but Patti refuses to break sassy character as she shoos him off to a meeting with Jordan. "Probably some new stupid thing you did -- now get out of here! I can't stand lookin' in your face." The sass is funny this episode, but I'm still going to have to opine that she didn't really sell that last. Anyway, Jordan appears and pulls Eli into a pedeconference, and after Eli characteristically babbles at him for a bit, Jordan tells him that when he hired him, he saw "a greedy, self-righteous little sycophant. An ass." Eli thanks him, which is always funnier than it has any right to be. Jordan goes on, however, that as he got to know Eli, he realized he was driven and competitive, "and when I found out you were dating my daughter, going to be my son-in-law, I couldn't have been happier." I'll save the "aw" for what's to come here. Jordan goes on that he saw Eli as his successor, someone who could take WPK to the "prestigious heights" he always dreamed of, and he was on the fast track for partner. Eli knows that the aneurysm is the ensuing "...but," and asks if the conversation is about how much he's disappointed Jordan. Eli, I know a lot's on your mind, but surely you haven't forgotten, oh, THE LAST FOUR EPISODES? Jordan breathes, "Sometimes, you are still. An ass." Hee. He leads Eli into the conference room...

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