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...and Eli is telling Chen about his promotion, the party for which there was even, apparently, a red velvet cake. Dude, way to bury the headline! Chen takes Eli's apparent ambivalence about the position as worry that he'll fall back into his soulless existence, although if he knew about the pro bono part he'd realize that that's not the case. Eli goes on, anyway, to tell him about Green and how he heard from God, and how he feels that this great weight has been lifted from his shoulders, which is obviously not a state of mind God has seen fit to grant to Eli. He wonders if God's treatment of him is some kind of "spiritual corporal punishment," causing Chen to go silent and regard him thoughtfully. Eli asks what's up, so Chen tells him that in the commune on which he grew up, he never felt close to God, so when he went out on his own, he immersed himself in the study of all religions so he could find him. "Funny thing is, all those years of seeking him out, he goes and finds me, when he sends a smug, stubborn, pain-in-the-rear lawyer right up to my door." Eli must be thinking that Jordan and Chen would just get along swimmingly. Chen goes on that Eli has lifted his burdens, and Eli snaps that now he's doing it, and why is everyone talking to him like he's gonna...

...and Chen wakes up. If I hadn't seen the previews, I would never have guessed this development, and even still it took me by surprise for a moment, so that was a very nice touch. Chen takes a moment to process...

...and then he's showing up at Nate's place. Nate asks if he can help him, but Chen responds, "Actually, I'm here to help you...help Eli." Nate's like, "He's not only a nut, he's stuck on Jerry Maguire references. Faaaabulous."

Chen, apparently not for the first time, is explaining that the dream he had about Eli makes him think part of him is still alive and trying to get a message out. Nate laughs incredulously, but Chen points out that it makes sense for the vision to have come to him, given his belief in divine occurrences -- if it happened to Nate, he'd think it was just a dream. Nate: "It happened to you and I still think it. No offense." It'd be nice if people sometimes used that expression when they actually didn't intend any offense. Like, "Nate, you're adorable and you need to be in every single episode! No offense!" Speaking of missing people, by the way, I realize she hasn't been on the show much but if she's still dating Nate, I don't know why Beth isn't around at all. Anyway, Chen tells Nate that Eli doesn't know the surgery happened yet, but he's close. Nate sighs that two weeks ago, he would have called Chen a quack and sent him away, but he can't do that now. Chen surmises that it's because Eli told him things that he couldn't have known were it not for his visions, and Nate bitterly adds that after that, Eli put him in charge of his DNR. "Even comatose, he's a tool." It's not quite as endearing if Eli isn't around to hear it -- he does love the abuse, as we've learned in this episode. Chen regards Nate intently, and Nate goes on that today, he's supposed to end Eli's life. Chen: "And I think I'm supposed to convince you otherwise."

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