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Matt Letscher does a great job here as he tells Chen he wants to believe him, and to believe that if he waits long enough, Eli will wake up, but he can't, because medical science says that won't happen, and besides, Eli was very clear about what he wanted. "If I start to substitute my needs for his, then I'm...it's like I'm betraying him." Clear explanation of a sentiment that's difficult to verbalize; I have to give it up for the writing in this scene. Nate looks down hopelessly, but Chen, probably having anticipated the need for some proof here, holds out the picture of him and Mr. Stone that he showed Eli several episodes ago. This is almost too much for Nate as he holds the answer to his prayers in his hand, and it's almost too much for me as I try to blame the tears in my eyes on the onions my roommate is currently chopping in the kitchen. As Nate struggles to collect himself, Chen tells him that years ago, Mr. Stone foresaw that he'd help Eli, and he now thinks that this is his chance to do so. He begs Nate to give him more time, and Nate grants forty-eight hours. Chen says that Eli will wake up before then, and Nate smiles through his tears: "I'll do my best to believe in that too."

Back in Eli's mind, he's asking why Green wouldn't want to live longer and wondering if he's depressed, as his wife thinks. Green tells him that in some ways, he's happier than he's ever been, and it's his choice to make. The other lawyer, after establishing that Green didn't actually hear a voice, makes the point that Green was elated after the first time the chemo worked, and, given everything he's been through, maybe what seems like divine serenity is actually nothing more than "the latest peak on the ride that your overloaded brain created." Green counters that there's a scientific explanation for the burning bush, but that still doesn't prove it wasn't a divine occurrence. He addresses his wife directly: "Let me enjoy my last few moments on this earth with you and the children." Rebecca looks at him...

...and then she's telling Eli, "I'm going to lose." At least she's seen TV before. They're in Eli's office, and Eli uncomfortably tells her that she shouldn't be there, as he could get sanctioned just for talking to her. Rebecca tells him she won't blab, and goes on that she knows she can't get a judge to substitute her judgment for Green's. Eli wonders why she's going through with the exercise at all, then, so Rebecca duhs that she's making an effort to get Green to see the value of fighting for his life, and she'd like Eli's help in that endeavor. She goes on that she knows all about Eli -- he's sick and fighting for his life, just like Green should be, and she knows about the earthquake. "Mostly, I know you are more than just a lawyer." She goes on that she thinks Green chose him for a reason, and that reason was to show him that difficulties can be overcome. She tells him that Jewish tradition teaches that to save a life is to save the entire world, and he has the power to do so now. "I beg of you: Use it." But hey, you know, no pressure!

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