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In his office, Eli tells Green that he thinks they can win the case, but Rebecca came to see him, and he thinks she might be right -- Green should want to live, not for anyone else, but for himself. Green wonders if Eli isn't supposed to be on his side, but Eli tells him he is -- he believes that God spoke to him. "I just think that you heard him wrong." He says that he thinks God wants him to fight for his life, but Green tells him he is -- for the life he has now. He says that before he got sick, he had a great job and a great car, but he never saw his family -- he was always at work. In fact, the reason he never saw Rebecca's services wasn't so much that he was a non-believer, but that he got home too late on Friday nights and was too exhausted to get out of bed on Saturday mornings. Hey, you don't need a demanding job in order to do that. He admits he was a skeptic, but it's not surprising, as the life he was living had no meaning. Eli smiles that that sounds familiar, and Green tells him he was sleepwalking. "If I never got sick, I'd still be asleep." Richard Schiff is selling the hell out of this, but he's stepping on his own point a little here, making it sound like he's afraid he'll go back to how he was before if he has the chemo, when it's just that he wants to spend time with his family, something he didn't do before he got sick and something with which the chemo would interfere. Anyway, he says the moment with God gave him a purpose, and I don't really think he's clearly articulating what he means but I suppose it's enough that he believes it.

In court, the opposing counsel argues that Green is incompetent. Eli then gets up and points out that there's no way to prove the conversation with God one way or another, but that's where faith comes in. He goes on that a few months ago, he started hearing things that proved the presence of God in his life, and Green gives him a side-eye like, "Let's not drag George Michael into this, huh?" Eli goes on that he tried to do what he thought God wanted, and he paid the price, but looking back, it's been the best time of his life, and if these divine experiences can help people change their lives for the better, what's the problem? He wraps up by saying that Green wants to live his life in a way that brings him closer to God. Eli: "It's not our choice to make. It's his." Flash forward...

...to Jordan coming into his daughter's office to find her in tears. He doesn't react to that, simply saying they should get going, but when she asks for a second, he notes, "You're crying." Anyone else I might feel obligated to make at least a mildly sarcastic comment, but Victor Garber just made me giggle. Taylor apologizes, saying she knows he hates crying, a statement he denies. Then: "Okay, I hate it." Hee, again. He admits, though, that it's a difficult time, and says he understands. Taylor tells him things haven't gone as she'd hoped when she started working for him, and he sits and asks if she regrets that decision. She reflexively denies that, but then takes a moment and offers that it hasn't been easy. He takes most of the blame for that, and then adds, "I take it from your silence you agree with me." Heh. Taylor tells him it's okay, and that he was just being him. "Mr. Difficult." Jordan tells her he's trying not to be himself anymore, although if that means he's going to stop frequenting George Michael chatrooms I'd have to opine that that's a mistake. He goes on, though, that if Eli were there, he was going to make him a partner, and he's starting a pro bono practice. Interesting -- this means Eli's having visions of what's in people's hearts and minds, not of anything that actually occurred. Taylor beams as Jordan goes on that he and the firm are changing, and he wants her to be an integral part of that process. "Please, honey. Stick with me. I need you here." Taylor: "How could I not?" Well, honestly. Just show this little speech to the ABC network execs and Season Two will be a foregone conclusion.

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