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In a conference room, Maggie finishes something up and asks Marci for new orders, but Marci says she can go home. Maggie points out that it's only ten, so Marci leans and tells her that whatever she may have heard, she's not a monster. Someone caught that Medusa crack. Maggie starts to pack up, but Marci casts an appraising look her way and offers that she knows how hard this case must be on her. Maggie "plays" dumb, so Marci goes on that she and Jordan once "had a thing," before he was married. I expected that, but only because the actors played the tension so well. She overshares that they used to take each other on in court, "and outside of court," and I'm betting Maggie's going to get a lot more efficient at packing up her stuff in the near future. Anyway, Maggie's FINALLY figuring out which way the wind is blowing, and tries to get out of there, but Marci's in full flight now, wanting to know why illegal aliens and kids get such great representation from Eli, while their higher-end clients seem to get his B game. Maggie blurts that in the Salinsky case, Eli did everything he could to evacuate Silver Terrace, and that's all Marci needs -- she knows the difference between "evacuate" and "evict," and also that the epicenter of the alleged upcoming earthquake is supposed to be Silver Terrace, and she orders Maggie to sit and tell her everything she knows about Eli, Silver Terrace, and "imaginary earthquakes." Maggie tries to say that those things were told to her in confidence, but Marci tells her she's obligated to reveal them now. I'm not sure that that's true, but if it is, it's just too bad Maggie couldn't have anticipated this move!

Marci, with Maggie in tow, enters the court and tells Judge Graham that she'd like to call a rebuttal witness herself -- Maggie. Eli objects, as Maggie is an attorney of record, but Marci points out that this is a hearing, not a trial, and besides, Maggie hasn't said a word in court so far. I don't know about this -- it seems wrong in several conflict-of-interest ways -- but I'm not going to argue with Marci, so Maggie gets on the stand, and Marci asks if, since she's been working with Eli, she's noticed a change in his legal practice? Eli objects, saying that he and his practice aren't on trial, but Marci points out that he's opened the door here by seeking the mandamus writ personally, and Judge Graham agrees. You should have tried objecting on the grounds that Maggie isn't qualified to evaluate legal practice, Eli -- you certainly can speak to that with plenty of expertise. Maggie desperately says that Eli is trying to represent "more individuals and less corporations. There's nothing wrong with that!" Except that it's "FEWER" COPORATIONS YOU DINGBAT HOW DID THIS GIRL GRADUATE LAW SCHOOL? Marci asks how Eli tried to help the Silver Terrace residents in the Salinsky case, and quickly establishes that Eli's reason for wanting the residents out was different from that of Salinsky. Eli objects to her leading the witness, so Marci asks for permission to treat Maggie as hostile, prompting Judge Graham to inquire mildly, "Your own co-counsel?" Marci: "I don't get along with my co-workers, Your Honor." At least she has a sense of humor about it. Anyway, the questioning is allowed to proceed far past the point it seems like it should be stopped, and eventually Maggie has to tell the court Eli wanted to evacuate Silver Terrace because there was going to be an earthquake, and he thought that because he could see the future. Foote rolls not just his eyes but his whole head at that revelation. When it's Eli's turn, he simply asks what Maggie said when he told her about the earthquake. Maggie: "That I believed you." We don't get to hear Foote's internal monologue, but I'm guessing it's going "That makes me feel sooooooooo much better."

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