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Where's That Confounded Bridge?

...and in the lobby, he yells out, getting everyone's attention. He tells them he has it "on very good authority" that in about an hour, there will be an earthquake, "the big one," and he's leaving, and he hopes they'll join him. Jordan and Marci watch from the balcony as Eli goes on that he knows most, if not all, of them think he's crazy, and he has no empirical evidence to offer them, but could they please, with everything at stake, take something on faith for once and believe him? (Last interruption, but the message of this speech is TOTALLY at odds with his decision to have the surgery.) He lets that hang in the air, but seeing only stony or uncertain faces, asks who's with him. Taylor looks down, but Patti makes up for a whole heck of a lot when she grabs her purse (and the plant she threw on the floor a couple weeks ago!) and follows. Also, hilariously, some random just takes off for the elevator at a dead run. He did say you had an hour, honey.

Back in the conference room, Marci says she's tallied the votes (er, no independent audit?) and Jordan's out as managing partner. Marci says she's truly sorry, but Jordan counters that he's not. "I can live with the partners' decision. I hope they can." Nice little parting jab at Marci there. Or it would be, if the earthquake didn't hit right at that moment. Everyone just sort of looks around in disbelief at first, and then the windows blow in and a support beam collapses, splitting the conference table Marci picked out in half, which is an awesomely bitchy little touch from above, if you'll pardon the turn of phrase. Most of the partners cower in fear on the floor, but Jordan just stands tall and watches. As Marci gets unsteadily back to her feet, Jordan addresses her: "Marci? I'd like a revote." Now, I don't know that this is quite the victory it seems -- just because Eli was right about this won't necessarily get their clients back. Frankly, I don't even know how they'd broach the subject with them, and the partners may see that. That doesn't change the fact, however, that that was the most satisfying line of the season. I mean, it's not often that you get to hear Victor Garber say something that translates directly to "How do you like me now?" The answer is: LOVE.

In Golden Gate Park, Foote is excitedly jabbering about how the quake measured 6.8 "on the Richter scale," and dude, even a three-year-old in the Bay Area would roll his eyes all, "I know what scale earthquakes are measured on, dude." Eli runs into Maggie and hugs her, and then shakes Scott's hand. I'll give the girl this: She attracts cute men. Referring to Scott's presence, she says, "Told you I believed you," and as if to punctuate that, there's a loud crash, and the group (including Nate; nice of you to show up) rushes to the wall, over which they can see the middle of the bridge rather spectacularly collapse. I wonder how this public vindication is going to change things for Eli and everyone connected to him, but we'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, I'll say it once more: DY, AB!

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