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Where's That Confounded Bridge?

Jordan enters a conference room at WPK to find Marci telling her ostensible S.O. to get someone to babysit someone else, as she needs him on a plane that night. "I am not asking." I'd also slurp down some oysters and pop a Viagra on said flight, mate. Jordan all but sneers that he sees she's made herself at home, and Marci actually seems the slightest bit hurt as she says she is home -- they built the firm together. I will not make a big deal of this, as I'm sure it's due to scheduling or budget concerns and couldn't be helped, but I do think there should at least have been some mention of the fact that during this landmark battle for control of the firm, the "Posner" in "Weathersby, Posner, and Klein" is nowhere to be found. Jordan says it's true that they were a team, "which makes it all the more disturbing to me that you've been lobbying for my ouster." He asks if she thought he wouldn't find out, but she counters that she wasn't really concerned either way, given that their top corporate clients have been jumping ship. Jordan sits and says there will be new clients, and some of the old ones will return, but Marci snaps that Beutel and Zyer Motors have their new attorneys drafting malpractice complaints instead. Well, nothing against the firm, but I'm still glad to hear that its actions in those cases resulted in some negative consequences. It was way too easy otherwise. Jordan and Marci stare at each other for a moment, and Jordan notes that Marci talked to the Beutel and Zyer CEOs without his prior approval. She ignores that, instead pointing out that there's a common thread running through the "biggest blunders" the firm has made -- Eli -- and she'd fire him, but she can't because of the agreement Jordan signed. Jordan smiles with not a little satisfaction at the fact that her hands are tied on the Eli matter, and then tells her she doesn't have the votes to get rid of him. Marci: "Be sure of that." She goes back to her laptop as Jordan leaves, and you probably don't need me to tell you just exactly how on it is.

Matt comes in to see Taylor and informs her that they're going to dinner on Wednesday night, as he got them the reservation at Le Petit Table she wanted -- he offered them a "sharply discounted" billing rate, and they're now clients of the firm. Taylor compliments his success, but I have to not for the first time wonder this: Can he do that? I mean, seriously, when a partner finds out about this, how is Matt going to respond? Especially if that partner happens to be "ParentCo"? Matt tells her that obviously, she's not used to dealing with men "as capable as The Dowd." Okay, I said it before, but now I'm sure: There's a Scrubs fan on staff. Or maybe just a fan of The Todd, which, having seen the actor, I can certainly understand. Eli pops in at this moment and asks Matt if he can schedule some time with him on a "personal legal matter." Matt's typically kind of jerky about the whole thing (although I did laugh when he asked Eli what was on his "structurally defective mind"), so Eli asks him just to tell Patti when he might be available the next day. He leaves to let Matt and Taylor get back to talking about the four-digit meal to which he'll be treating her.

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