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Sassy Patti: "Did you fall down and hit your aneurysm?" Heh. Eli's trying to get her to leave town for a few days, but Patti doesn't pay him any mind, instead handing him a ribboned box, which she says contains an engagement gift for him to give to Maggie. Well, if she's going to blow off all the legal work she's asked to do, I'm glad she at least took the initiative on something important. Eli asks what he got her (always good to know, seriously) and Patti tells him, "An apology, for being such an ass last week!" She hands him the receipt, and he notes, "I am either very sorry, or I'm very happy for Maggie." Patti gives Maggie a surreptitious side-eye and then stage-whispers, "You're both." Hee. I don't know how, but she's kind of amusing me this week. Although I'd wonder what Eli did to Maggie last week that was so bad, if I cared in the slightest. Anyway, Patti takes off, so Eli hands Maggie the present, and she smiles that he didn't have to do that. Jonny Lee Miller's little fake "I know, I know" nod is priceless here, in case you had any doubts. The present is a nice little picture frame, and Eli shows off his lawyerly quickness by saying that he figured while Scott was in Ohio, he should also be in a frame on her desk. And this may be the first time I've wished for more of Sassy Patti, but I would have loved to see her "Mm HMM" look as Eli spewed out that load. Anyway, Maggie tells Eli that Scott is moving out to S.F. on Thursday. Eli's face falls momentarily, which isn't lost on Maggie, although I'll give Eli the benefit of the doubt that he's more worried about the "Thursday" part than the "moving out here" part. Eli recovers and says that that's great and he can't wait to meet him, and then his phone rings. It's Chen, who tells him to turn on the TV, and soon Eli is seeing a rather agitated man telling reporters how there's going to be an earthquake. Eli pegs him as a nutjob, but Chen tells him he's actually a scientist, and he might be what they need to get the word about the disaster out -- and just then, the guy goes on that the quake will hit on Thursday. This gets Eli's attention, and he mulls the new development over into the title card.

Chen parks his old convertible on a residential street as Eli grouses about being chaperoned. You won't be as testy when he pulls your vision-clouded ass out of oncoming traffic, my tiny petunia. Eli continues to bitch, however, saying that this "scientist" has predicted five earthquakes that never came to pass, and Chen replies, "Obviously he's gotten the kinks of his prediction system worked out!" Somewhere, William of Occam is all, "You'd think I'd be able to ignore shit like that by now, BUT NO." Eli basically says the same thing, and then, having reached the right house, calls to a "Doctor Foote," who's up on a ladder toying with some wiring. Hey, production team? Maybe next time, park a car in front of the house, so it's not so obvious that they stopped down the street just to be able to have this little chat on the way. Anyway, Dr. Foote (it's hard not to think of him as "Dr. Scholl," but I'll do my best) babbles about his earthquake-proofing, and whee! There's AB's writing credit! Aw! I'd totally screencap it if I even knew what that meant. Anyway, after some extreme skepticism from Foote that they actually believe him, Eli tells him that he's interested in his method of earthquake prediction, and Foote brightens and corrects that to "seismic prognostication." Geek. Eli asks if he has a seismometer, and Foote chuckles: "You're looking at it." He invites them in...

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