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Taylor comes in to see her dad, and bites out that two people who we can infer are board members are around, and she knows "when some bitch is trying to orchestrate a palace revolt." Ooh, I'd pay to see that fight -- Marci and Taylor both have a lot of hair available for the pulling. I'd be sure not to sit near Matt, though -- the drooling might get kind of irritating. Jordan's both amused by and proud of his daughter's protective ire, but tells her that Marci is hardly the first lawyer who's tried to get rid of him. "Your father's made of Kevlar." Cue the entrance of an armor-tipped bullet in heels. Marci seethes that Jordan's "favorite son" is at it again, and asks if he knows what Eli just did. Jordan doesn't, so Marci says she's not surprised. "As managing partner, you manage to turn a blind eye where Eli Stone is concerned." But against that, he counters the...well, wordplay isn't really my specialty. Sorry, Jordan! She tells them about Eli's suit against the city, and Taylor looks pretty blown away, but Jordan completely maintains his equanimity, saying that he's sure Eli had good reason for filing it. He says he'll talk to him, but Marci says it's covered. "I just wanted to see if you were in the loop, since you don't seem to be." She stalks off, and after making a Wicked Witch Of The West reference, Taylor asks if Jordan is going to talk to Eli and order him to stop giving Marci ammunition to use against him. Jordan tells her it hadn't occurred to him, so Taylor responds, "It occurs to me." That's less fun -- Eli's practically bald.

Eli goes to Maggie and tells her he's got another gift for her -- he wants her to be his second chair on the case, and they'll save tons of lives and be "like superheroes." Maggie, however, says she can't do it, although I'd think a career in which aggressive optimism and black-and-white morality are the norm would appeal to her. Eli asks why, since Scott isn't getting in for a week, even though THE EARTHQUAKE IS SUPPOSED TO BE IN THREE DAYS HELLO. Anyway, Maggie says that she's working for Marci on something, and almost before Eli can refer to her as "Medusa Klein," the snakehead herself shows up and asks if Maggie filed some paperwork, and just like that, Marci is the "attorney of record for the city," with Maggie her second. I'm...pretty sure that's not how that works, but Marci informs Eli that she and Maggie will be taking him on pro bono. Eli fixes Maggie with a look, but doesn't dwell on it, because he notices that Maggie filled the frame he gave her. When he sees Scott's picture, however, he recognizes him as the driver from the flashback, and we hear the "Macaroni" greeting again. Now that nickname makes sense, because I smell Velveeta every time Maggie's on screen.

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