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Taylor is berating Jordan for talking to Eli about her, saying he promised not to interfere in their relationship. Jordan points out that Eli works for him, and he didn't say he wouldn't speak to him. "I'm a lawyer -- I look for loopholes." Heh. Taylor is obviously worried that Eli's change of heart was influenced by Jordan, but Jordan assures her that he hasn't bullied Eli, nor does he feel the need to -- while it's clear to him that Eli is conflicted about his decision, he also doesn't want to see Taylor get hurt. Taylor considers this, but, steel in her voice, says that Jordan taught her to fight for the things she believes in. "And I know what I want to do." I think I know what she means by that, but I've read next week's episode description. These two have good scenes together.

Speaking of which, there's a knock at Eli's door, and I thought after the last scene that it would be Taylor, but it's actually a drunk Nate, which is a nice change-up. Eli heads to the door, and it's not just the WE addiction, but Eli's really got some slightly effeminate and (if I can get away with using this word in 2008) metrosexual qualities; it's kind of endearing, character-wise, but also interesting in that Jonny Lee Miller has kind of oozed masculinity in the prior roles I've seen. Also, I haven't seen him slip on the accent, which is impressive. Nate slurs, "Are you Eli Stone? Asshat-at-law?" Hee. He cracks up and hugs Eli (aw), and admits that he drank enough that the bartender took his car keys. Eli looks bummed, but asks Nate if he's going to be okay, and Nate admits that Jake isn't the first patient he's ever lost, "but that doesn't make it suck any less." Nate then asks why Eli came to him about Jake, and Eli admits he knew Jake was going to die. He...did? I'll assume he's taking a little license here. Eli sucks up his courage and tells Nate that he thinks his visions aren't because of his aneurysm. Nate doesn't believe him at first, but Eli tells him how Jake was singing "Good Lovin'," and notes the lyrics: "I was feelin' so bad/I asked my family doctor just what I had." Nate looks shocked into an epiphany here as Eli goes on that he was supposed to get Nate to help him, and he knows Nate won't believe him. However, there's something bigger in play here -- when their dad died, Nate put a cassette in his coffin of a song that he kept singing over and over again on a fishing trip. Nate laughs as he goes on, "I hate fishing, and he was the worst singer in the world. But that trip was really special to me." Nate goes serious again as he tells Eli that the song on the cassette was "Good Lovin'," and no one else knew about it. I really like the idea that Eli is mirroring his dad's journey, only he has some help with and understanding of his visions. Eli looks like he's going to cry as he replies, "It's crazy, huh?" Nate heartily agrees, and unsteadily gets to his feet and says he needs another drink. I just hope he remembers this conversation in the morning. Eli's cutting Nate off, but does offer him some microwave popcorn and tunes the TV to Working Girl on WE. Hee. Nate laughs that he's got to get back together with Taylor, as if he's not going to be singing "Let The River Run" at the top of his lungs soon enough. Eli puts a hand on Nate's shoulder, and then the boys toss popcorn and lightly shove each other like the brothers they are to end the episode.

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