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Speaking of eponymous leads, Eli is asking the priest who granted the annulment about the Catholic Church's view of marriage, and it goes on for quite some time, but let's just say Eli makes his point, and we don't hear from opposing counsel...

...but outside, when Jake appears with his team, Brooke asks him why he's doing this. That is a good question. She tells him that for the first two years, she barely left the hospital. Jake, however, doesn't want to hear it: "I don't believe that you love him the way that you loved me." Well, most people do learn a thing or two in five years. She tells him she's sorry, and walks away with Adam, arms around each other. It may seem unsympathetic of her not to be more openly caring, but...she's part of the problem. She can feel for his position while recognizing that there's nothing realistic she can do to help him emotionally, I think.

Back at the office, Jordan is asking Andrews what his thought process was on the day of the lunch. Andrews recounts Keith's cheap outfit and familiar manner with the waiter, and says he couldn't see putting him in front of a corporate client. He adds that he's sorry if the way the corporate world works "interferes with his keeping it real," but at his firm, that's the way things are, and it's also how they are at Jordan's firm, "unless you've changed your hiring practices recently." Jordan says he'll win the case, but if Andrews wants to settle, that's fine too. He makes a comment about how Andrews should make sure that if he settles, it's not because of a guilty conscience, which strikes me as extremely odd, because if anyone's seemed to doubt the merits of their position, it's Jordan, not Andrews. Anyway, Andrews is perfectly happy to go to verdict, as seemed obvious.

Elsewhere, Eli is telling Jake that they'll probably get the annulment, er, annulled, but he's not sure Jake is doing the right thing here -- if he wants his company back, that's one thing, but Brooke is another matter. Jake denies that he still has feelings for Brooke, but Eli doesn't buy that. He asks if Jake wants her to be happy, and then tells Jake that he knows "a little something about living on borrowed time." Maggie's brow creases at that comment, and Eli's going to be pissed that this is the one time she chooses to keep up. He points out that Jake already lost five years, so maybe he doesn't want to spend a lengthy amount of time in a courtroom. Jake is powerless against Eli's unrelenting earnestness, and accedes to the settlement idea. Either he was only using caring about the company to mask his desire to get Brooke back, or he just came to the realization that being partners with Adam is no longer something he wants. Either one is quite believable. Eli pats him on the pack, and once he's gone, Maggie asks Eli about the "borrowed time" remark. Eli tells her everything's fine, but she doesn't look convinced.

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