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At the apartment, Taylor is packing up when Eli enters. He thanks her for not telling her dad about the aneurysm, and she, without any bitterness, says she loves him, and she meant it when she accepted his proposal. Eli muses that it seems like a long time ago, and Taylor neutrally replies, "Three months." Considering it feels like there hasn't been a new episode of Dirty Sexy Money in years, three months can seem like a long time. Eli shows her the ring and mentions how he unsuccessfully tried to take it back, and tentatively offers that he thought it might be a sign. Taylor, however, is still a lawyer, so she asks for clarification: "What does that mean? You were so sure that breaking things off was the right thing to do." Eli tells her the basics of his current case and how devastated both parties have been after the tragic event ripped them apart. "You know what could happen to me, and you still want to stay." Taylor's eyes look misty, but she smiles and tells him that's what she's been saying all along. Except for when she told him she wasn't sure if she could handle it, but since then she's been a rock. (Eli's forgiven her, and I never thought she did anything that terrible in the first place, but darn it if she didn't completely set me up there.) Eli notes that he ruined their engagement party and Jordan hates him now (although I'm not sure the latter is true), but Taylor wonders why he thinks those things would matter to her more than he does. All resistance and arguments now eroded, Eli moves to Taylor and kisses her. She asks what that means, and he admits he doesn't know. But, probably realizing that vision- and music-free sex with Eli is a rare commodity these days, she sinks out of frame with him and leaves the tough questions until after the commercial break.

Eli wakes up (the next day -- that was quite a session or five) on his side of the bed, and, finding the other side currently unoccupied, groggily calls Taylor's name. Getting no response, he goes out to the kitchen area and uncertainly announces that they should probably talk about the previous night, and both his sleepy demeanor and the fact that he's talking to an empty apartment suggest a desperate need for coffee. He finds a note from Taylor explaining that she has court, and then he hears Jake's voice calling to him to help him. He looks over and sees Jake, back in the gown, lying on the floor, and when he tries to tell him that he's going to settle the case and everything will be fine, Jake simply repeats, "Help me, Stone." You could crack on Eli for not seeming to notice that he's not saying "Help me, Eli," but then again, you could just as easily blame the vision for not saying "Help me, Nate." I mean, if there's anything we've learned, it's that Eli needs all the assistance he can get.

In any case, Eli does in fact go to Nate and try to convince him that he should check Jake out again, as there's something medically wrong with him. Nate, however, isn't hearing that, as Jake has had countless and unending tests, and he's not willing to trust Eli's word. Eli attempts The Eyes Of Earnestness again, but older brothers often develop an immunity to this sort of thing, and Nate says he's not going to subject Jake to tests that will cost him time and thousands of dollars. I think the subtext is that Nate, a scientist, is scared to believe that there might be some meaning to Eli's visions, so I'll forgive him for mentioning the money when Jake is about to get an EIGHT-FIGURE SETTLEMENT. Nate walks out, leaving Eli alone in his office yet again, and I'd think this were an intentional running gag were it not so incredibly random.

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