Emmy Awards 2009: Live Blog

Welcome to TWoP's live-blogging of the 61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards! Tonight, Neil Patrick Harris is our host, and we're quivering in anticipation for some kind of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog reunion and performance.

8:00 -- Television gets a special tribute from a 1950s voiceover announcer, who mocks what TV has brought us -- Aretha Franklin's hat, ABC's Wipeout -- then scopes out the red carpet before introducing NPH. Musical number! In a white tux jacket, NPH tells us to put down the remote and watch the show. We get a joke about Paula Abdul, and a joke about how Christina Hendricks would turn a gay man straight, if only Jon Hamm didn't exist. Pretty funny stuff, and an impressive rattling off of nearly every nominated network. On to the show!

8:05 -- It's true, the TV show theme song is a dying breed. The Lost "theme chime" should have lyrics. And I love the new Cougar Town intro. Hey, you know how the show is already 27 minutes behind, NPH? Because you're explaining all the parts of the stage. No one cares. And this montage of the year in comedy, while hysterical, is totally unnecessary.

8:10 -- Jon Hamm and Tina Fey list off the Supporting Actress in a Comedy nominees: Kristin Chenoweth (in glasses), Jane Krakowski (glasses), Elizabeth Perkins (glasses), Amy Poehler (eyepatch), Kristen Wiig (smoking a pipe and wearing a monocle) and Vanessa Williams. Planned or coincidence? I say coincidence. It's Chenoweth, who squeaks out how heavy the award is before asking for work on either Mad Men, The Office or 24. Awesome.

8:20 -- John Hodgeman is going to be color commentating on the awards as the evening progresses? Fantastico. Yay, made-up facts! And the rest of the cast of How I Met Your Mother is here! Hooray! They're presenting for comedy writing, and 30 Rock has literally been nominated for all of the spots except for one, for Flight of the Conchords. And 30 Rock wins, specifically Matt Hubbard, who wrote "Reunion." So each episode only has one writer? That's interesting.

8:24 -- After a bit where someone is sitting behind two Harlem Globetrotters, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Amy Poehler present for Supporting Actor in a Comedy. They joke about how this is the last year of primetime television. Ha! Jon Cryer, Kevin Dillon, Neil Patrick Harris, Jack McBrayer, Tracy Morgan and Rainn Wilson are nominated, and Jon Cryer wins. If I could bring myself to watch Two and a Half Men, I would cry "foul," but I guess I'll have to celebrate the fact that Hodgeman just mentioned he was in Hot Shots with Charlie Sheen. I love that movie. I will admit that his speech is pretty funny, although he points out that Sheen deserves an award, too. Well, let's just take it one at a time...

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