Emmy Awards 2009: Live Blog

9:30 - The tabulators of the Emmys at Ernst and Young are interrupted in their explanation of the tabulation process by Dr. Horrible! He's about to sing a song about how much better the Internet is than TV when Captain Hammer punches him in the face. Yes! Nathan Fillion sighting! He thinks TV is here to stay, of course, and Felicia Day even shows up (despite her character being dead) to sing a harmony. The power cord gets accidentally pulled, and the transmission ends, just as Ernst and Young wrap things up. Yes, folks, that just happened.

9:34 - Alec Baldwin announces the winner of Lead Actress in a Mini-Series or Movie, and it's Jessica Lange for Grey Gardens. She's overwhelmed, and she thanks everyone, ending on Drew Barrymore, who's in the audience with Justin Long. Yay, them!

9:42 - Keifer Sutherland and Anna Torv present for Best Made-for TV Movie, and after the pair fight off invading terrorists from another dimension, Grey Gardens wins.

9:44 - Little Dorrit wins for Best Mini-Series, and a cluster of British ladies come on stage to accept. I'm waiting for them to reveal themselves as the members of Monty Python.

9:46 - Variety categories are introduced, and once again, the introductory stage shifting, light show and placing of the word on a giant screen takes way too long. Just hold up a piece of paper, and you're done.

9:47 - Hi, it's Angel. Zach's taking off so you all are stuck with me until this show ends four hours from now, or I pass out in front of my computer, whichever comes first. Frankly, it has been going well, but I'm skeptical that it can possibly get better than NPH singing or NPH bringing his Dr. Horrible character to the big screen. But we shall see.

9:48 - A montage of variety things is played, from Conan's YouTwitFace to the Olympics and everything SNL related in between.

9:50 - After the Big Bang Theory stars banter about their show for a while and fumble over the teleprompter, directors of reality shows give their tips, which amount to nothing much. I'd prefer seeing Kaley Cuoco giving Jim Parsons a wedgie.

9:52 - Writing for a comedy series is up. I always love seeing the writing casts and the gimmicks they come up with. The Daily Show has the best with monster trucks and cash for clunkers. Though the Conan Facebook one is pretty entertaining. Good for Letterman for using some "star" power with Billy Crystal. Doesn't Brian Williams have real news to report that isn't just listing the SNL staffers?

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